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    The name stands for itself and completely changes your HD ideviece to an xQuisite Look! I have spent MONTHS making this theme and feel out of my Three themes here on MMI this is my MOST original MOST Professional theme I have made! With ALL these Great themes coming out in HD I decided to also keep with my style and make ORIGINAL hand MADE icons! =) I kept everything real FRESH and CLEAN from the icons to the apps to the buttons in the UI ! =) I have finally finished and now present to you


    "Name is in complement to SubyWrex he came up with it" Thanks bro! Which he also helped me through the way making me strive for more and ultimately I came out with a Much Much cleaner look thanks for that as well man!

    I also want to give WyndWarrior a BIG THANKS for the innovation he puts into this community. This User Friendly weather widget is based of his Endroid Weather theme.

    This theme out of the box comes with a FULL complete theme for all HD devices and ALL OS systems 4.0 and up. It also comes with 2 Animated Lockscreen which is also compatible for all devices . I will making some extra mods as we go and post them to Cydia as extra downloads but for FREE of course to all that purchase the theme! There will be a LS and SB Weather Widget as well as clocks and I always release about 3-4 animated LS that people can choose from I want everybody to have options!

    So here we go with the Screenshots =)




    AppStore-Youtube- Mail


    Purple Color mod

    Green Color Mod


    Pink Color Mod


    Ok so the theme has been released I have also updated the theme to keep improving while doing so I have alot of request and questions so I have decided to make a dedicated section to where you can look for frequently asked questions.

    Lets start of with the basics:

    This theme comes from Cydia with (A) the Main theme (b) 2 Animated LS (c) DockFlow (d) UISounds

    There are FREE seperate downloads to this theme such as:

    3 - Weather widgets (1) - Non Animated (1)- Animated (1) USER FRIENDLY ANIMATED WEATHER!

    Loading Screens - Which will include ALL color mods available such as Blue, Green, Purple, Pink and Baby Blue coming soon

    SD Version is now available and also will include these mods and color mods as well.


    (Q) - How do I set up the dockflow and what does it do?

    (A) - The dockflow is to be used on the dock of your device which will give it a "3d" look. Set up is easy. Using whatever tweak you use to have five icons on the dock simply place your icons in this order (Settings = Middle) (iTunes = right) (Safair = far Right) (App Store = Left) (Cydia = Far Left).

    (Q) - How Do I set up the Weather?

    (A) - There are three Weather widgets so depending on what one you are using this differs.

    Non Animated Weather - Find your WOEID Code you can do so by going to Yahoo! Weather - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News and type in your zip then pull your WOEID code from the URL "Other countries explained below"

    EXAMPLE - Conroe - Texas Weather Forecasts | Maps | News - Yahoo! Weather

    12791508 << This would be the code. This code goes into that weather theme

    The same goes for the Animated Weather widget but you also have one more to configure with this.

    Animated Weather do the same as just explained above then also open "xQuisiteWeather.theme/locationHere.js" and simply type in your zip code in the area provided. "Other Countries will be explained below"

    (Q) - How do I set up my USER FRIENDLY WIDGET?

    (A) - First things first make sure you download the latest version from Cydia once this is done go into winterboard. While in winterboard Check off this widget make sure it is ABOVE everything in winterboard and TURN OFF any other widgets "Such as animated lockscreens" Once you respring you should now see a "i" symbol on your lockscreen . Tap this "Symbol" and a key board will pop up. You simply type in your zip code then hit set! No need to respring. You can change to multiple Cities and country's with a touch of the finger. LOCKINFO MUST BE DISABLED ON LS or you will not be able to initiate Key Board. I also suggest you get 20-60 sec lockscreen FREE in Cydia as well as Clock Hide FREE in Cydia so you can see the widgets better on the Lockscreen.

    (Q) - How to change to 24hr or Celsius for the Widgets?

    (A) - I am in the process of making these run 24 hr and Celsius for whoever would like them. PLEASE be patient I will submit to Cydia when available and you can just download and that will solve this issue instead of telling you how to or posting fix I will just make a special mod dedicated for this. =)

    OUT OF COUNTRY USERS: User Friendly and WOEID codes


    For the UK you can visit here

    UK - Example London Weather Forecast and Conditions

    Australia and Germany also confirmed to work properly I will post links shortly to those sites that give your specific WOEID code
    ( UKXX0085 ) << code example

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    damn those icons are smexyyyyy great work
    2010-12-29 01:00 AM
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    Nice Job!
    2010-12-29 01:01 AM
  4. Darkness777's Avatar
    looks promising
    2010-12-29 01:02 AM
  5. HarlemState's Avatar
    yea Nice job Free, You've done it again.
    2010-12-29 01:03 AM
  6. TRUCKINLOW's Avatar
    i like it nice job!
    2010-12-29 01:04 AM
  7. blast123's Avatar
    wow very nice i love the colors
    2010-12-29 01:13 AM
  8. filipegt500's Avatar
    really great theme :-)
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    2010-12-29 01:14 AM
  9. rumcajs's Avatar
    nice work...
    2010-12-29 01:30 AM
  10. Itsmerobertg's Avatar
    2010-12-29 01:51 AM
  11. Anonomys's Avatar
    Lookin' xQuisite for sure!!! I love those icons man, you can definitely see there was time spent there.

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    2010-12-29 01:53 AM
  12. Fontme's Avatar
    Very Nice!
    2010-12-29 02:04 AM
  13. metaserph's Avatar
    Exquisite work mate! When will it be available?
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    2010-12-29 02:24 AM
  14. Boots13's Avatar
    Wow. That is amazing. When will we be able to get our hands on this?
    2010-12-29 02:28 AM
  15. speedfreak228's Avatar
    the blue looks real good. very clean and nice theme
    2010-12-29 03:11 AM
  16. nkapoor124's Avatar
    Here are all the icons I made for xQuisite
    1.Display Recorder
    5. Makeitmine
    Attached Thumbnails Winterboard xQuisite (Now in Cydia)-displayrecorder.png   Winterboard xQuisite (Now in Cydia)-ifile.png   Winterboard xQuisite (Now in Cydia)-loader.png   Winterboard xQuisite (Now in Cydia)-limera1n.png   Winterboard xQuisite (Now in Cydia)-mim.png   Winterboard xQuisite (Now in Cydia)-quicklock3.png   Winterboard xQuisite (Now in Cydia)-terminal.png   Winterboard xQuisite (Now in Cydia)-wifisync.png  

    Winterboard xQuisite (Now in Cydia)-xquisiteicon.png  
    2010-12-29 03:37 AM
  17. nkapoor124's Avatar
    Oops sorry not all of them uploaded look at the attached thumbnails above
    2010-12-29 03:39 AM
  18. FiVe5tArPlAy3r's Avatar
    That is one NICE layed back theme man! Can't wait to see more.
    2010-12-29 05:07 AM
  19. jokerg7's Avatar
    woow me likey

    gorjus icons
    2010-12-29 05:18 AM
  20. FreeApple's Avatar
    Thanks Everybody! =) and thanks to Nkapoor for those icons I know him and a few others have some Fresh Vector Icons coming soon too! I believe this will be submitted tomorrow night if everything goes well!
    2010-12-29 06:50 AM
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