1. LiamG's Avatar
    Whats the best mac theme out there for the 3G ios3.2?

    Currently using a theme called Leopard theme from cydia but its only changed the springboard not the lockscreen and the Status bar isnt 100%

    Not all the standard app icons have changed either

    would be good if you could sort out themes in Cydia search by how many times theyve been downloaded, or even a rate theme function?
    2010-12-29 05:19 PM
  2. Censored's Avatar
    2010-12-29 05:32 PM
  3. LiamG's Avatar
    Thanks but i wasnt after one with a snow leopard lol

    Would prefere the non drop down menus aswell, as good as they are!

    This is my theme currently, the status bar is a bit glitchy when i recieve calls or go on different menus etc

    2010-12-30 03:44 AM
  4. LiamG's Avatar
    So i took the plunge and tried to install the Snow Leopard PerfectiOSXn theme and ended up nearly killing my iphone when it went badly wrong!

    So are there are any other less complicated mac style themes?
    2011-01-04 06:54 PM