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    Hi. I have a jail broken iPhone 4, with SHSHs saved on Cydia's servers, so I'm not a complete novice at this. but my question is this: I broke down and bought an iPad today, and want to JB it. As the latest RedSnow seems to still be kinda buggy, and not completely stable yet, I feel as though my best option would be to downgrade the firms from 4.2.1, to 4.1, where the JBs are tried and tested, and I know they're solid.
    What I'd like to know is the tiny umbrella shsh deal gonna work for a idevice this new, with no hashes saved anywhere, and if not, am I just f$&@ed? Guidance from anyone who knows more than me would be appreciated. (of course, if you can walk on flat ground and chew gum at the same time, youre ahead of me!!) thanks.
    2010-12-30 07:18 AM
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    there are many guides on the net for downgrading your iPads firmware

    that said the best and most stable you can downgrade to is 3.2.2 after that we're into the 4.2.1 vareity (no 4.1 versions thats the iPhone only)

    you can find the files here;

    iClarified - iPad - Where To Download iPad Firmware Files From
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    2010-12-30 02:33 PM