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    hi im wondering how to build my own theme. my iphone 4 is jailbroken & running on 4.1 . there are some good themes in cydia but i want to make them my own.. either i like the icons and not the background or vise versa. ive read a thousand things on " how to " but im still confused. a little help please? (:
    2010-12-30 05:02 PM
  2. Jahooba's Avatar
    Welcome to MMi!

    Well, first you'll need a way to access your file system. I recommend purchasing iFile (we all have it, don't be shy, buy it!). But iFile is only for accessing the files with your phone - you may want to look into how to SSH into your phone from you PC. Look into iFunbox, it seems to work pretty good.

    Next you'll need to get familiar with the file system. All your Winterboard themes go into /var/stash/themes. Probably the best way to learn how a theme is constructed is to simply rip it onto your computer and take a look inside to see what files are there. This is how most of us learn it. In iFunbox you can do this by right-clicking on the folder and choosing "Move to PC" (or similar), then I usually choose 'Desktop' and proceed from there.

    Remember that every file name and folder name has to be spelled exactly - capital letters, symbols, and numbers all have to be 100% accurate to work.

    WinterBoard is a hierarchical system: the files on the top of the list in WinterBoard override the files of the exact name underneath it. So, if you download ONLY a dialer, holding and dragging the three lines to the right of the entry in Winterboard, place it ABOVE the main theme you want to override, then only the dialer will change once you respring.

    Try and search extensively here if you have a question before you start a new thread (learning to theme takes a LOT of reading - you'll be surprised what you'll stumble across once you relax and dig in), and always hit the "Thanks" button even if that person didn't help you directly, it's always good to show people you appreciate the time they took

    For any help with the website, click "Contact Us" at the bottom of any page and a moderator will get back to you (I bug them all the time)
    2010-12-31 05:35 PM