1. Melistius's Avatar
    hello there is there a lockscreen with this background (eyeball tree) and is there any chance we can see color keyboard? what would be very very nice.

    2012-05-30 04:08 AM
  2. Norrin Radd's Avatar
    Anyone working on a 5.1.1 solution? If I knew how............
    2012-06-01 11:05 PM
  3. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Just delete info.plist through ifile

    Doreen said she would update as soon as she can. She works her butt off to keep this thread alive so just be patient. If your looking for iPad 3 port I'd check the other thread in the front page concerning a port.
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    2012-06-03 02:51 AM
  4. TomCunningham's Avatar
    Gah! Anyone else having all kinds of issues with 5.1.1? I lost everything but some of the stock stuff. Not sure how to fix it, either. Anyone else have any issues?
    Most of the stuff from Mr. Berni's Buuf4iPad - IOS5 is working for me, although a lot of the standard icons (YouTube, Camera, Safari, Settings) are reset to stock images. I tried putting *.app bundles in with *~ipad.png icon files, but that didn't work, even after clearing the caches. So now it's SortaBuuf4iPad.
    2012-06-07 05:45 AM
  5. TomCunningham's Avatar
    Most of the stuff from Mr. Berni's Buuf4iPad - IOS5 is working for me, although a lot of the standard icons (YouTube, Camera, Safari, Settings) are reset to stock images. I tried putting *.app bundles in with *~ipad.png icon files, but that didn't work, even after clearing the caches. So now it's SortaBuuf4iPad.
    Just an update, I've managed to get the Buuf icons back by creating icon~ipad.png files in the appropriate Buuf4iPad-iOS5 bundles.
    2012-06-17 12:44 AM
  6. Darkbrowniez's Avatar
    How do I get buuf working completely on iPad 3 iOS 5.1.1 there's no lockscreen at all and icons don't change
    2012-08-14 07:13 PM
  7. TomCunningham's Avatar
    Did you install Mr. Berni's updates per #221? After that, you might have to copy/rename BuuF icons to icon~ipad.png in whatever bundles the icons are not working.
    2012-08-14 10:28 PM
  8. Darkbrowniez's Avatar
    I downloaded mr beni's thing and some of it works. It still no lock screen how do I fix that? N there isn't no loading screens and the background for my messages n call logs is still just plain white...I have this app for my iPhone n love it but seems I can't get it all for ipad

    And can u give me a step by step on how to change the I icons?? Sorry new to the ipad n jail breaking scene
    2012-08-14 10:36 PM
  9. TomCunningham's Avatar
    If you followed all of the steps in Mr. Berni's post and rebooted/restarted Springboard, then I don't know what to tell you. Not sure what impact an iPad 3 would have, I have a 2. The most straightforward way to rename icons is to get a copy of iFile from Cydia and examine the Bundles folder in /var/stash/Themes.blahblah/BUUF4iPad2-iOS5 ("blahblah" are random letters), under the app/utility with the icons you want to fix. Tap various .png filenames to view their contents with the Image Viewer. When you find one you like, copy and rename it to icon~ipad.png, then respring.
    2012-08-15 05:08 AM
  10. R.E.L / Double R.E.L's Avatar
    Hi all !!

    im new to this forum and to iOS world in general and i am enjoying every moment of it
    being a huge buuf fan having all my gadgets PCs and u name it themed buuf i just could not stand that my ipad is not buufed !
    so i have been doing some reading all over the web and i managed to figure some stuff out
    currently i am using ipad 2 with ios 5.1.1 and with reading this thread i managed to theme ALL of my icons !!!! except one that i tried every possible thing but still did not make it
    so please if anyone knows how i can change skype icon let me know its the only icon missing and its pretty annoying that none of what i tried worked
    i managed to get all stock icons themed all is buufed except skype hehe (and status bar is black not red like in screenshots)
    so to conclude this i really need help in changing skype icon
    and are there any plans for official buuf for ipad release like iphone users have ? for the current os
    i mean i am happy with what i got now but im no pro and its much nicer to have it all buufed
    if i can help anyway will be glad too
    thnx u all !
    2012-08-19 03:15 PM
  11. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Is it the same size as the others icons? You might need to resize it, or permissions..
    2012-08-27 05:46 AM
  12. R.E.L / Double R.E.L's Avatar
    alright ive managed to change skype
    the app it self had many icons and then if u would rename one then it uses the other
    so i left skype with one original icon file and added in bundles the icon
    now its perfect thnx !
    2012-08-27 10:44 AM
  13. Franziskblubbl's Avatar
    Is there any hope for this beautiful theme to be updated for iPad 3 iOS 5.1.1? 'Cause...I am desperate. I tried everything but the only thing I got from the installation from cydia were 3 green menus and two changed icons. Then I tried the MrBernie Update and only the sliderbuttons changed into red angry smilies and the kindle app icon changed. I am really sad, today I got the new iPad and was so looking foward to finally try on this theme and then this disaster happened.
    I can't even find the wallpapers, because there aren't any in the stock wallpaper folder :'(( and the eyeballtree doesn't change to automatically to horizontal/vertical- it's either h or v.

    Of course I am willing to wait patiently if I knew that there will be exactly this theme available for iPad 3 (the original batten fence is so beautiful)-Thank you a thousand times- for all your efford!
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    2012-09-25 08:58 PM
  14. Franziskblubbl's Avatar
    Can someone pleeeease tell me how to change the rotation/lock loud/mute icon and how I can change the portrait dock? I managed to make the batten fence in landscape, but in portrait mode, it won't change! Thank you so much for your help
    And I would be very happy if someone could tell me, how to change the Google Maps background from default grey (where you change the map modes) to buufgreen.
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    2012-10-01 02:47 AM
  15. WeirdUnit's Avatar
    Wow those theme are Awsome ! And i love the Last Wallpaper !!!! Can u give me the link to download it or juste send me it at [email protected] plz plz plz Love It !!! Thanks !
    2012-10-16 10:06 PM
  16. WeirdUnit's Avatar
    I've had my iPad since launch date and i got straight to jailbreaking and theming immediately!!!

    Abit bored of it now but here are some screenshots of my version of the buuf theme.
    Hope we can all work together to create another great theme for another iDevice (iPad)

    Here are afew pics...
    Attachment 494903
    Attachment 494904
    Attachment 494901
    Attachment 494902

    PS...i specialise in splashscreens
    Wow ! Awsome Themes ! I love the Last one, can you give me the link or send me it to my email ''[email protected]'' Plz Plz Plz Love It ! Thanks
    2012-10-16 10:09 PM
  17. mrberni's Avatar
    Hi there,

    have been away quite a while... Any news on that topic? Is there an offical Buuf4Ipad on iOS5 available?
    Had some issues with my mod on one of the newer Winterboard. Does now know if it has been fixed.
    Think I should try it out once again... :-)

    2012-12-13 10:31 PM
  18. HimikoDen's Avatar
    I'm trying to figure out if I can disable my status bar from being "buuf"ed. Any help is appreciated. I really like the look of the original Buuf4ipad, especially the font. Anyone know the name?

    And still having trouble with the masks on the buufed icons, but trying to figure it out. Thanks for all the help so far, MrBerni.
    2012-12-24 01:05 PM
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