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    Hey guys,

    iPhone 3g - Jailbroken - 4.2.1

    Long time ago i changed the status bar to a custom layout. Since then anytime i update my firmware or try to do new changes via winterboard... nothing happens. Stuck with my old custom layout.

    I don't recall if maybe i changed the original files.

    So my question is...
    Where are the original files located for the status bar, and or does anyone know how to override the old custom layout i created?


    looks like my main problem was converting to 4.2.1 I didn't realize that they started to change a bunch of the file names... I was able to find how to change the wifi & signal bars along with the carrier logos. Kinda tricky how they changed things up on us...... now i just need to figure out how to do the little top right battery images!!


    New question.. how can i use the same status bar as my home screen when opening up applications like safari/phone/sms/mail.. ect... ??
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    Status bar images are now called Silver/Black/Translucent_Bar.png in the UIImages folder/cache. If using a Winterboard theme, the names are Black/Silver/Translucent_Base.png in a UIImages folder. Lots of info around the web. This is what I've discovered so far. Hope it helps.
    2011-01-06 05:48 PM