1. lao3hero's Avatar
    Thanks!!! ^_^
    and screenies of the engagement too pls
    2011-01-08 09:03 AM
  2. zausser's Avatar
    2011-01-08 01:17 PM
  3. zatcha1980's Avatar
    This is way cool. Cant wait. Got Twilight HD for my Iphone. Gonna use the white neostyle for my ipod 4g.

    Congratulations Austin on your engagement.
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    2011-01-08 01:31 PM
  4. skiptowncat's Avatar

    Looks stunning!! thank the lord for backboard!!
    2011-01-08 01:31 PM
  5. zatcha1980's Avatar

    Is there any plan to have a landscape version for the Ipod?
    2011-01-08 01:44 PM
  6. GMG450's Avatar
    Stunning!! A master Class unfolding before our eyes... Can't wait to have this beauty on my IP4. Great work Z and K.. More teasers please...
    2011-01-08 01:48 PM
  7. Waverley73's Avatar
    This is going to be so clean, crisp and sharp. I will be donating the second K and Z are ready to accept.

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    2011-01-08 01:58 PM
  8. fobe's Avatar
    this is really awesome!!! I wanna have this on my 3GS/iOS4.1
    2011-01-08 02:07 PM
  9. Darka5sa5sin's Avatar
    Love it so far!! Tomorrow should be exciting.... part E!!
    2011-01-08 09:21 PM
  10. Darkness777's Avatar
    OMG!! Great ..
    2011-01-08 09:26 PM
  11. tellytel's Avatar
    hope we get an amazing slideshow LS!!! this theme is gonna be siiiiiick...
    2011-01-08 10:50 PM
  12. g0sbv's Avatar
    2011-01-08 10:54 PM
  13. VicDaMonki's Avatar
    2011-01-08 11:14 PM
  14. EddieLeonard's Avatar
    i cant wait to make it into a white and orange mod
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    2011-01-08 11:35 PM
  15. ant_b00gie's Avatar
    Theres nothing more to say but I can't wait!!! I might attempt to come up with a mod for this one
    this year im pedro. im who they wanna vote for.
    2011-01-08 11:39 PM
  16. iMrBrett's Avatar
    Can anyone tell me if they are considering trying a blue mod in place of the cyan? I'm obsessed with blue.
    2011-01-09 12:43 AM
  17. Joshuawilde's Avatar

    Legend Returns.

    This is the Google translation for the Japanese.
    2011-01-09 01:14 AM
  18. swiftkiller18's Avatar
    Amazing , looking forward to that theme
    2011-01-09 06:15 AM
  19. 88hurst's Avatar
    Can anyone tell me if they are considering trying a blue mod in place of the cyan? I'm obsessed with blue.
    Of course!
    2011-01-09 08:16 AM
  20. iMrBrett's Avatar

    yay!!! I've got twilight HD. pretty much EVERYTHING is blue or black thanks to you. I'm real excited what your gonna cook up !!

    as sad as it may sound hurst you made my day!! lol go you
    2011-01-09 08:45 AM
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