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  1. RossIV's Avatar
    Hi all

    Has anyone else experienced huge difference between battery lift at 3.2 vs 4.2? I just updated and I started at 40% about 2 hrs ago but down to 22% now. Before I would get at least several days from a charge if not more. What could cause this?

    iPhone 3Gs - 4.0.1 - JB w/ JailbreakMe
    iPad WiFi - 3.2 - 64 GB - JB w/ Spirit
    2011-01-10 06:55 AM
  2. le2's Avatar
    yes. me too
    i just realize that the sistem keep workin (multitasking?)all your apps you previously opened.
    So your battery keep on going down
    2011-01-11 10:29 AM
  3. dantehman1's Avatar
    Nothing on my end, iPad is still as good as ever battery wise, anything in particular your running i.e winterboard other customisations etc etc
    If I've helped you remember to say
    2011-01-11 02:15 PM
  4. Simon's Avatar
    I haven't noticed an increase on mine since updating.
    2011-01-11 02:30 PM