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    Hey everyone! I have a 4.2.1 Jailbroken iPad and I have been on the Jailbreaking scene for quite a while, but I was wondering if anybody knows if there is a hack/cydia tweak that lets me upload a pages document that I wrote on my iPad to a website without using my computer? I have iFile, if that helps.......
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    Wouldn't Dropbox do that?? Available through the app store and works with windows/mac??
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    2011-01-16 04:32 PM
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    Wouldn't Dropbox do that?? Available through the app store and works with windows/mac??
    Not exactly what I mean't. Maybe I should have clarified better. What I'm looking to do is submit/upload a document to a website for someone to review and I just can't email it. Like uploading as in, maybe uploading a picture to a website. You know, like when you go to say, an online image editor and it has the 'choose file" button and lets you browse your file system for the file to upload. On iOS, the button is grayed out. iOS's safari doesn't have this capability by default. Probably because iOS won't let you see your filesystem. I'm looking to enable it somehow via a hack.
    2011-01-17 06:29 AM
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    Again, wouldn't dropbox do that? If you want to share the file with someone else, just save it in your public folder and send them the link.

    Ok, I think it just clicked for me, you're trying to upload a file to a specific website, not just get it onto any website. In that case I don't think mobile safari can do that, and am not aware of any easy options for doing so.

    And thinking about this some more.. depending on the complexity of the website, and your willingness to dig into things a bit, you might be able to hack something up using wget from the command line, and the --post-file option. That's kind of a long shot though, and if possible it probably won't be easy.
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