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    A new Milestone of iPhone Artwork, hold your breath... iOS 5 Ready !

    THEME of the Week at Modmyi
    NR. 1 THEME at iThemeSky

    (The lag comes only from the recording)

    LiveOS 1.6 (HD) is avaiable at Cydia Store, Theme it and iThemeSky and works on Retina-devices with iOS 4.1 to 5.0 (!)

    (see download section at bottom)

    Springboard LCD widget:

    Grass Mod:

    LCD MOD for Home and Lockscreen, classical and black style, 12/24 h clock, supports 6 languages (!)

    Springboard Newsreader (Modmyi and Engadget News):

    Ian Nicoll´s optional clocks:

    More stock ClockStyles:


    New Home Buttons:

    Red or blue highlighted springjumps:

    Calendar Widget in english and german (here with the new day/night background):

    - The perfect stage for all of your Widgets
    - English, Dutch, German and French language included !
    - High quality HD graphics with multiple layer design for a maximum 3D Look
    - Dark and mystic color concept, a game of lights and shadows
    - Fully animated background weather with rain, clouds, snow, moving sun and moon...(UniAW from Ian Nicoll)
    - Day/Night switching wallpapers
    - A full HD, full slideable, interactive clock/date widget with transparent clockface
    - Optinal full slideable Calendar widget
    - LockScreen Clock Widget with animated Weather
    - Complete new sleek black UI, with StatusBar, Windows, bars, buttons
    - Plus Themed Apps: Safari, Mail, Clock, Camera, Photos, Calendar, Notes, Settings, Ipod,iTunes, Maps, Compass, AppStore
    - Notification Center themed
    - Folder Enhancer themed
    - LockInfo themed
    - BiteSMS themed
    - Icon Mask, all AppStore Icons themed correctly out of the box
    - SBSettings
    - Large reflective NAV icons
    - Springjumps Mini-Dock with highlighted (!) pages
    - Back-button to your Homescreen on every page
    - Homescreen plus six Pages layout
    - Easy to customize, replace Icons, wallpaper, widgets and springjumps like YOU want it

    (click twice for original size)

    1. Make sure you have installed PerPageHTML, Springjumps and InfiniDock (or ScrollingBoard. You also need Gridlock (or iBlank) to freely place your icons.
    2. Setup InfiniDock or Scrollingboard for a six dock icons layout
    3. Start the Springjumps app, enable only Springjumps 1-6 (see picture at the attachment) and rename them to whatever you like by pressing on the textfield. Close the app and place the Springjumps 1 to 6 at your dock, begining from RIGHT (!)
    NOTE1: Don´t enable Springjump 0 (the first one) and make sure it´s textfield is empty
    NOTE2: If you renamed the springjumps you must respring to take effect on it.
    4. For your Homescreen place the clock app at the top middle and 4 other apps/folders two rows below like shown at screenshot 1.
    5. For the following pages 1-6 do the same and also place one of the new back-arrows on top right (see picture 2) and at the middle of each page place Calculator, Settings, iTunes, Maps, Game Center, Facebook (You can change that later)
    6. Start the PerPageHTML app and assign all of the LiveOS pages your see there to your iphone pages.
    This means you press "LiveOS-Spotlight" and at the next window "Spotlight", then "LiveOS-Page1" and on the next window "Page 1" and so on. Do this for all LiveOS folders you see, then close the app and it will respring and work.
    7. Enable all LiveOS themes at Winterboard. Make sure the LiveOS themes are on top of your WinterBoard list, disable other themes you may have installed and could conflict with this theme.

    Weather Setup:
    1. Find your Location Code here: Weather Location Codes/IDs
    For US users: open this webside: Yahoo! Weather - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News , search for your town, then open "Extended Forecast" and now take a look at the adressbar of your browser where you see something like "USCA1234". This is what you need.
    2. Write in this code with iFile on your device or with a text editor on your PC/MAC to this path: Libary/themes/LiveOS Weather.theme/locationHere.js and for the Lockscreen Weather here: Libary/themes/LiveOS LockScreen.theme/Config.js You can also change Fahrenheit to Celsius here.
    NOTE: If you use the LCD Clock-Mod on Lockscreen do the same at the folder LiveOS LockScreenLCD.theme/Config.js

    -Because of some large Nav icons it is recommended to use Multifl0w or other taskswitchers but not needed
    -Because of esthetical reasons you can place only 5 icons/folders on every page but you can use the row above too.
    -After a first start this theme may run a little bit slow but works smooth after some seconds and when touching each page once.

    Where can i get more Loading screens ?
    Install the free add-on theme "LiveOS Loading Screens" from Cydia

    Can i see the lockscreen longer than some seconds ?
    Install "60 second LockScreen" from Cydia or use LockInfo to set the time

    Can i hide the stock apple clock at the lockscreen ?
    Yes, with the paid app LockInfo or the free Lockscreen Clock Hide (both from Cydia)

    I use LockInfo, must i do any setup ?
    Open the "Settings" app -> LockInfo-> Appearance-> Select Default Theme and now choose "LiveOS"

    Why do some or all Icons not work ?
    -Make sure you enabled the Summerboard mode at the Winterboard App
    -For not English devices please rename a handful of icons at the icons folder to your language (Camera,Photos...).
    -Remember that because of a Winterboard bug all icons need to be twice at the Icons folder of a HD theme, one without "@2x". The size of this second icon without the "@2x" doesnt´t matter, can even be blank.
    -A icon mask may not work for all Cydia apps, in this case they must be themed with photoshop or use the freeware "Theme Icon maker" (TIM) from Cydia to theme all at once automatically.

    Can i reorder or replace springjumps ?
    Yes, but don´t reorder this glyphys at the dock with iOS, replace glyphs or reorder them at this folders: LiveOS.theme/Folders/ - - .... More glyphs can be found at the download section.

    How can i change small or large icons ?
    You can change any large or small icon by downloading them from the download section and copy it to Libary/Themes/LiveOS.theme/Icons/ So lets say you want replace the large "Settings" icon with Cydia, then just copy the Icon "[email protected]" to this folder. Don´t forget to copy also a small Settings icons to this folder, not to have two large icons.

    I see my stock wallpaper when making a phonecall ?
    Another Winterboard/iOS bug: Copy "[email protected]" from LiveOS.theme or from the LiveOS WoodenFloor Mod.theme (whatever you use) to your Desktop, sync it with iTunes to your device and set it with the photos app as your Wallpaper.
    For iFile users: Save this image with iFile to your Camera roll and enable it as your Wallpaper at the Photos App.

    Why is my Taskbar and Folder background not themed ?
    Use the free Cydia App "fsWipeCache".

    Can i remove the "clock" text ?
    Yes install the free Cydia app "Icon renamer" and make a blank text for it

    What must i do with SBSettings ?
    - Open SBSettings, press "more", press "SBSettings Theme" and enable the new "LiveOS SBSettings" - theme
    - If you want copy a new respring wallpaper from LiveOS.theme/EXTRAS/SBSettings Respring Wallpaper to var/mobile/Libary/SBSettings/

    I´m Dutch, French or German, what must i do for the right setup?
    Springboard: a) Open LiveOS Weather.theme/locationHere.js, set the temperature to "c" (=Celsius) and only set your language to "true". b) Open User/Libary/PerPageHTML/LiveOS-Page1/Widgets/Configs/DigitalClock-Configs.js and set only your language to "true", all other languages to "false"
    Lockscreen: Open LiveOS Lockscreen.theme/Config.js and set only your language to "true" all others to false and set the temerature to "c" (= Celsius)

    How can i use the wooden floor mod ?
    Just replace some picture:
    1. Open LiveOS.theme/EXTRAS/WoodenFloor MOD/ and copy Overlayday.png, Overlaynight.png, [email protected] and [email protected] to LiveOS.theme/
    2. Copy the pictures LockBack_day.png and LockBack_night.png to LiveOS LockScreen.theme/

    How can i use other Widgets with this theme ?
    You can make a folder with your favorite widget and copy it to User/Libary/PerPageHTML/ Start the Per-Page app and allocate Page 1 to your widget now instead of LiveOS-Page1 (where my clock is stored). But use my transparent wallpaper from my folders for your widget folder because it has some graphics on it (top shadow, bottom bar)

    How do i install the new House-Homebuttons ?
    Download, unzip and simply copy this glyph to the folders /Applications/ till _shortcut_0L

    How do i install the new Calendar widget ?
    You can place it on any page you want. Download, unzip and open the folder, all 4 files inside must be copied to the page you want it, e. g. /User/Library/PerPageHTML/LiveOS-Page2, now respring.
    NOTE1: It could be usefull if you want to start your calendar app with this widget to place a blank calendar icon on it ("Icons" folder of this theme) and remove the label (same method like for the clock widget)
    NOTE2: For replacing the LiveOS Clock widget with this calendar widget, delete all folders from LiveOS-Page 1 except the wallpaper.png and then copy this files in.

    How do i install the red or blue highlighted springjumps ?
    Download, unzip and open the attached Folder. You´ll find 7 folders. Copy all 7 folders to User/Library/PerPageHTML/ and respring

    How can i install the Line Calendar or RSS-Reader ?
    Download, unzip and copy the folder LiveOS Line Calendar.theme or "LiveOS SpringboardRSS.theme" to Libary/Themes/ and enable it at your WinterBoard app.

    How do i install the LCD clock on Homescreen ?
    1. Download, unzip and open the folder. You´ll find two folders. Open one of it and you´ll see a folder called LiveOS-Page1-LCD1 (or LCD2).
    2. Copy this folder to User/Library/PerPageHTML/, start the PerPage app and assign this folder to Page 1 (Homescreen). It will be displayed now instead of the analog clock.
    3. Copy the new clock icon (the little bell) to Library/Themes/LiveOS.theme/Icons and respring. Don´t forget to name this Clock icon to your language e.g. [email protected] (for germans)
    4. You can remove am/pm, setup a 24h clock or change the language to German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian at Widgets/Configs/Digital Clock-Config.js

    How do i install the LCD Lockscreen ?
    1. Download an install "LiveOS LockScreenLCD.theme" from Cydia
    2. Disable the LiveOS Lockscreen.theme (=Analog clock) and enable "LiveOS LockScreenLCD.theme" at Winterboard
    3. You can remove am/pm, setup a 24h clock or change the language to German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian at LiveOS LockScreenLCD.theme/LCD Classical(or Black)/Digital Clock-Config.js
    4. To enable the Black LCD please take a look here, open LockBackground.html and rewrite one word:

    How can i uninstall the back-arrows ?
    Open the folder /Applications/ on your device and delete this six folders: to and respring

    All Photoshop Templates: LiveOS

    More large Icons: LiveOS + More large

    More small Icons: LiveOS + More small

    More Springjumps: LiveOS + More

    LCD Clock Homescreen::

    LCD Clock Lockscreen:
    Only Avaiable at Cydia, please search for "LiveOS Lockscreen package" at Cydia and enable it at WinterBoard.

    Additional Loading Screens:
    Only avaiable at Cydia (free). Please search at Cydia for "LiveOS Loading Screens", download and install it and enable it at WinterBoard. Adds 27 more LoadingsScreens to LiveOS. Supports all Apple apps and iOS5:

    Calendar Widget:

    1. ENGLISH:
    2. GERMAN:

    Ian´s optional clocks:

    Springboard: Optional
    Lockscreen: LiveOSv1.1 IAN

    New Home Buttons:
    LiveOS New

    Red highlighted springjumps:
    LiveOS Red
    Blue highlighted springjumps: LiveOS + Blue

    Springboard RSS-News Reader:

    Springboard LCD widget:

    Springboard Line Calendar:


    LiveOS + Clock

    Grass Mod:

    Live OS + Gras Mod

    German Installation Guide (Deutsche Anleitung): LiveOS German Installation
    French Installation Guide (Manuel d'installation française): LiveOS French Installation

    CREDITS AND A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO: Ian Nicoll, Dacal and Holdemdogg for creating and helping with all the HTML stuff.
    * Lao3Hero for the Calendar widget code
    * Goneglocking and BamaWaterfowl13 for the LCD springboard mod
    Attached Thumbnails LiveOS-logoicon.png   LiveOS-homepage.png   LiveOS-page1.png   LiveOS-springjumps.png  
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    2011-01-20 12:19 AM
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    Sweet! I like it a lot!! Can't wait!
    2011-01-20 12:22 AM
  3. DA_GHOST's Avatar
    this looks sick as hell bro as always great work and cant wait to see more!
    2011-01-20 12:25 AM
  4. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    Very nice.
    2011-01-20 12:36 AM
  5. FiVe5tArPlAy3r's Avatar
    NICE blue looks GREAT, Job well done AGAIN.
    2011-01-20 12:37 AM
  6. grzegorz10's Avatar
    Nice Job
    2011-01-20 01:04 AM
  7. MuseFan288's Avatar
    i would say i din't like it but i'd be lying lol
    its awesome just like your other themes lol
    2011-01-20 01:19 AM
  8. deathbybunnies6's Avatar
    damn how do you keep pulling these out your ***?
    My Themes

    HTC HD2 HTC 1 HTC Sensation
    2011-01-20 01:27 AM
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    BLUE YOU SICk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    2011-01-20 01:47 AM
  10. GaN-MaN's Avatar
    2011-01-20 02:09 AM
  11. gotzaiPhone's Avatar
    Holy crap blue, I might have to give up TimelessHD for this one!
    2011-01-20 03:25 AM
  12. henftling's Avatar
    ok, so now I have to buy an iP4! Perfect! looking forward to see more of the UI!
    Thank you for your creativity!
    and with with wyn's code of animated weather (weather above the icons) this would look even more dramatically astonishing.
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    2011-01-20 04:16 AM
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    Speechless Friends with open mouths are guaranteed by me LOL
    ^ So true!
    2011-01-20 04:16 AM
  14. lao3hero's Avatar
    So, what to say ? I listened to my users and what they like most: A sleek black, highly customizable theme with stunning graphics and functions.

    Speechless Friends with open mouths are guaranteed by me LOL

    But; First of all i have to thank Wyandwarrior, Ian Nicoll and Holdemdogg that enable this unbelievable Theme like it is now and created and helped me a lot with the widget/html stuff (donation comes ):

    Main Features:
    - Fully animated weather with rain, clouds, snow, moving sun and moon...
    - Displays your location, conditions and temperature (transparent)
    - A real full slideable, interactive (opens clock app) clock/date widget with a transparent clockface
    - Large reflective NAV icons
    - Active springjumps dock (the current page is highlighted, see bottom)
    - A Back-button on every page to go back to the homescreen
    - Uses many tricky layers of widgets, shadows, bars, weather and so on
    - Easy to install and mod, the complete theme works also with your favorite Wallpaper at the background (without any photoshopping), you can replace or re-order all six springjumps and add/replace all NAV icons. Everything is possible with this baby. I can provide more Backgrounds, NAV icons, clock styles and glyphs.

    Although this are real screenshots there is a lot to do. The dockbar, glyphs and backbutton will be alligned and reworked and many things more. So this is not the final look but comes close to it.

    Release date: not known yet, but don´t expect it the next days
    What you need: Only Springjumps, InfiniDock and Wyandwarrior´s PerPage-html

    been waiting for ur this new thread Amazing work bro~
    2011-01-20 04:31 AM
  15. i.Annie's Avatar
    Looks good, as always

    Was wondering if a white version would be possible. If not, still looks cool.
    2011-01-20 04:45 AM
  16. italodance's Avatar
    master Bluemetal is back again what a nice theme only HD yes?
    2011-01-20 04:54 AM
  17. ulysseleviet's Avatar
    Very smart... love the dock icons (especially the cup of coffee^^). I'll follow this thread, and may have a special idea to make your theme special to me
    2011-01-20 05:53 AM
  18. lostinthemes's Avatar
    2011-01-20 06:58 AM
  19. ReBourne's Avatar
    damn master blue, im still playin with Project9 n timelesshd now this, incredible always, cant wait, looks good so far
    2011-01-20 08:02 AM
  20. ALIEN1974's Avatar
    iBlack 2 (Wood,as you are using a black wood floor)
    Or iBlack HD...
    iBlack is one of my favorite themes of all times...and I always wanted to see a new version of it...
    "iBlack REVISITED"...
    2011-01-20 08:53 AM
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