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    I apologize if im posting this in the wrong place or if there is already a place to post this but im new to the forum and still finding out where everything is. I have been into Jailbreaking for a few years now and Ive made some simple themes nothing too fancy at all just icons, Ive though of some good ideas to be made but do not know how to make them if someone could help me learn how to make them or just make them in general that would be awesome. Here are some idea's:

    - Make it so that when your on the lockscreen the way you unlock the device is by tapping the small lock icon in the status bar. I think that would be cool, and still have the slider there but it doesnt do anything so people wont know how to unlock it

    - An app tray that you pull down from the status bar, As in you slide your finger down on the status bar and there is a small area where icon's can be placed and hidden

    - A small translucent tab on the side of the screen that is there at all times that you drag out and in it are a few small commonly used settings like brightness, volume, and maybe have it say your battery life so you can check it while in an app without having to close the app or lock your ipod.

    - A utility that disable's the device from going into headphone mode when headphone's are plugged in- This may seem pointless but I recently purchased the Mophie Battery Case and when the case is on the ipod the ipod thinks headphone's are plugged in so the speakers are disabled.

    I have more ideas but ill start with those. Thanks again!
    2011-01-24 01:20 AM
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    this goes to file mods
    2011-01-24 03:04 AM