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    I'm trying to theme an icon for 'isub' via the bundles folder method. The icon i want to use is a circular icon, not the standard rounded square icon. However, when I activate via winterboard, the formerly circular icon develops a black border, turning it into an ugly rounded square icon with black filling in the difference between the original circular icon and the new square icon. I can get the image showing using the icons folder method, but it looks awful and not retina quality.

    How do I fix this so to get a retina-quality, non-black bordered (i.e. circular, not squareish) icon via the Bundles folder method?
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    2011-01-30 09:38 PM
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    2011-02-17 01:45 AM
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    the folder should be named "com.einsteinx2.isub" icon name should be "[email protected]"
    2011-03-01 05:01 PM