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  1. NikeJS's Avatar
    Hi I just installed the OS7 theme using backboard and I didn't make a back up of the theme I had before. Now I have no idea how to remove it. It does not show up in fingerboard and even if I deleted backboard and winterboard the theme is still there!! Please help! The donation pop ups are killing me! Thanks!
    2011-02-02 12:19 AM
  2. condavantzis's Avatar
    look at the thread for the theme. the answer is explained.
    "If you have trouble go to SBSettings->More->MobileSubstrate Add-ons -> Turn OS7 OFF." right there
    2011-02-02 01:32 AM
  3. NikeJS's Avatar
    Much appreciated. Thanked
    2011-02-02 02:20 AM
  4. condavantzis's Avatar
    Np, glad i could help
    2011-02-02 03:45 AM
  5. trialnterror's Avatar
    Ya thanks for me to! I added os7 had my stock theme backed up n everything worked but then I updated os7 n it made my stock theme not useless ! Then I realized I don't remember were I got 0s7 uninstalling backboard didn't work , installing a new theme didn't work, but a quick search in google for uninstall os7 put me right here! N with a quick open of sb settings ( had to open a program to get the slide at top function to open sb settings to work) to mobile substrate then a quick toggle off on os7 then a reboot put me sitting right back were I was before I installed it!

    Oh n for the pop ups that are annoying? Email the developer n he'll send u a patch to remove the pop ups! I have the link but I dont know if I can post it here n I don't know if it's only for people who donate ( cause I donated ) so to be on the safe side just email him!
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    2011-02-02 11:34 PM