1. area51crypto's Avatar
    Is anybody having problems with E For Ezra Sbsettings

    It installs and shows installed afterwards but I cannot find it in Winterboard

    Thanks Area
    2011-02-03 02:17 AM
  2. P0R7ER's Avatar
    its not in winterboard u need sbsettings.... swipe across top of screen got to more, sbsettings theme, and then select ezra_sbs then it will respring and boom u have it... sbsettings is free on cydia enjoy
    2011-02-10 06:27 PM
  3. IIx4's Avatar
    Total NOOB here. I have installed the app yet I cannot seem to get it to work. I have tried to slide across the top status bar. It does not work. HELP!!

    Got it.
    Must have SBSettings installed first before trying to add e is for Ezra SBSettings add on. DUH!
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    2011-02-13 09:41 PM