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    Windows 7 BluePad AS

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXzQtqKqkdw]YouTube - Windows 7 BluePad 2.0 RC1[/ame]


    iPhone 4 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N0Z7O2OC

    Go on reading to see the instructions !

    Compatible with iPAD 3.x/4.2.1,iPhone 4,3G,3GS

    Hi everybody. Here is the RC1 release of my theme Windows 7 BluePad AS.

    I wanted to create something really cool, looking like Windows 7, but although really simple to install.

    And here it is : Windws 7 BluePad AS 2.0

    Just take a look at the features:

    - Windows 7 Logon Screen (lockscreen) - Tap To Unlock
    - Animated Blue Line Wallpaper
    - AppIcon Mask (Square Icons with Windows Shortcut Mask)
    - 20 custom Icons for Main applications (iFile, Cydia, etc)
    - Windows 7 bar as DOCK Working in Landscape and Portrait
    with Settings, safari, ibooks ipod, video and Springjump to first page icones integrated in it.

    - Full custom UIImages
    - Windows 7 UISound
    - Custom media player/ipod Buttons
    - Custom Folders
    - compatible Iconoclasm
    - Folder Ehancer Custom Folders (Background- Windows 7 Window)
    - 1 Click +Installation With BACKBOARD


    You only needs BackBoard(and sprinjump but its temporary).
    and InfiniDock.

    -Needs infinidock (10 icons/dock)
    - Download This theme (.deb) and install it.
    - Then create a 0 page Springjump
    -Go in Backboard and click Install Windows 7 BluePad RC1

    - Youd needs to go to the theme folder to add the lockscreen to clipboard and then to activate it in Settings App as Lockscreen ! (temporary)

    Available Soon

    Windows 7 BluePad AS RC1 DEB


    -An iphone / ipod touch 4 package is already available : Windows 7 BluePad4 AS (on cydia)
    but the 2.0 UPDATE will be realesed after the iPad release.

    Should be free.

    Release Date for final Version??

    In fact there is no release date yet.
    Even if I have spend a lot and lot of time creating this theme and making it available for each idevice i'm not sure about releasing a final package for each device (only the iPad version is about to be cleared).

    I'm a 16 yo French noob themer and i haven't a lot of time to spend on theming.

    But if you could encourage me by Donating i would be very glad and would release the package quickly.


    More Informations
    Windows 7 BluePad AS


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    Nice, very nice.
    2011-02-03 06:02 PM
  3. cylon401's Avatar
    Just installed, lookin good!
    2011-02-04 01:24 AM
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    Available soon on repo
    2011-02-04 08:41 PM
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    How do you get rid of the shadows from the icons when you have a folder open?
    2011-02-14 07:35 PM
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    very cool! its something special!
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    2011-02-16 02:58 PM
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    Don't Download the REPO version : ModMyi didn't accept the Postinstallation script which made this theme a one click install theme ....

    Just DL it here and ask me if there is a problem

    In fact because my Wallpaper is a HTML wallpaper, when you open a folder the ipad loaads two wallpaper at the same time : the default wallpaper which you have set in Settings and my wallaper. What I did was to put my wallaper as Defaut Wallaper. Just naviguate to Library/Themes/Windows 7 BluePad RC and add backgroundbyalexyoshi.png to Clipart (with iFile) then go to settings and wallpaper and put it as defaulut wallaper.

    Else try to use folderEhancer for the folders. This theme is compatible with it. just search for any version (google it) if you doesnt want to download it in cydia
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    I am new to all this how do i get the file onto the ipad to install it in backboard?
    2011-02-18 12:37 PM
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    I am new to all this how do i get the file onto the ipad to install it in backboard?
    It is a .deb package. Just Google "install deb iPhone".

    2 ways : cydia autoinstall (iClarified - iPhone - How to Auto Install a DEB File Using Cydia)

    If you have iFile : put the downloaded file in your iPad with iPhone explorer or SSH. If you have iFile (cydia Tweak) go to the deb and and click : install it
    2011-02-18 12:55 PM
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    EDIT I got it to work had wrong version of backboard!
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    2011-02-18 01:28 PM
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    More informations and DEB available here

    2011-02-18 06:59 PM
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    I have this Downloaded and Installed and I Love the Moving lights in the background..very nicely put..I'll be looking forward to the Updated version.
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  13. rbrookstx's Avatar
    how did you get the page transitions to be 3d like that?
    2011-02-25 06:15 PM
  14. Bakades's Avatar
    It's a tweak Called Barrel on cydia
    2011-02-25 06:26 PM