1. hichamzik's Avatar
    pas male non !!!!

    2007-09-29 02:14 PM
  2. longgiang81's Avatar
    How i can download themes ?
    2007-09-29 02:48 PM
  3. LoringStudios's Avatar
    wow. Dang I need some 3d software. I havent done that in 10 years. Who has some good software?
    Loring Studios Graphic Design Company | Serving the world, one cool job at a time.
    Graphic Design | Vehicle Wraps | Website Design | Large Format Printing
    2007-09-29 04:14 PM
  4. brschrank82's Avatar
    Wow. So many questions for you! Can you upload this for us? Can you create more icons for all the apps out there? When did you find out how awesome you are?
    2007-09-29 05:34 PM
  5. SundayDuffer's Avatar
    very nice..download please. Merci.
    2007-09-29 05:55 PM
  6. larryblaw's Avatar
    Very impressive.
    2007-09-29 05:58 PM
  7. HighTymes's Avatar
    Thats frickin awesome. Must get.
    2007-09-29 11:44 PM
  8. aziatiklover's Avatar
    pas mal du tout
     Think Different
    2007-09-30 12:34 AM
  9. KiDDMaFF5646's Avatar
    wow that's a sick theme, very nice! It needs a background, but other than that my type of theme.
    2007-09-30 01:45 AM
  10. lilscrappydew25's Avatar
    pas mal du tout
    je suis d'accord
    2007-09-30 02:54 AM
  11. unclear's Avatar
    wow. Dang I need some 3d software. I havent done that in 10 years. Who has some good software?
    3d studio max rules.. but that was a few years ago... and I think the software costs a crapload... i down.. er.. got it on "discount" of course
    2007-09-30 04:25 AM
  12. win1fight2's Avatar
    I want......
    2007-09-30 08:27 AM
  13. lucky8926's Avatar
    Needs some tweaking, but definitely kicks a$$ and opens up a whole lot more options and ideas for the future
    2007-09-30 09:08 PM
  14. rgates's Avatar
    Loring, PovRay is my favorite 3D program... mental Ray is a bit more popular, but only available as part of packages such as AutoDesk or Dassault Systèmes.
    2007-09-30 10:37 PM
  15. uPhone559's Avatar
    those look nice, i bet it has a lot of depth on the iPhone ;D
    Hit Thanks!
    2007-09-30 10:40 PM
  16. longgiang81's Avatar
    How i can download, plzzzzzz !
    2007-10-03 10:04 AM
  17. brilami's Avatar
    dude, u really have to upload that. this is awesome.
    2007-10-04 10:53 AM
  18. infoweb's Avatar
    Salut a tous je trouve ce thème superbe ci s sent ai vraiment un ses sympas mes peut être un lien de téléchargement serai plus cool
    2009-12-27 06:59 PM
  19. muckpuck's Avatar
    Here is the icons. Saw them a while ago at DeviantArt.com.
    The creator of these icons have done alot of 3D icons

    CRYO64 Ageo by ~DARIMAN on deviantART
    These icons.

    DARIMAN's Gallery
    DARIMAN, the creator of these icons gallery.
    2009-12-27 08:16 PM
  20. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
    Am i the only one unimpressed?
    iLive an iLife
    2009-12-27 10:55 PM
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