1. laelipoo's Avatar
    All, is this 4S compatible?
    Yes, very much so.
    2012-03-25 03:37 AM
  2. zjxpot's Avatar
    Yes, very much so.
    Thanks, also press that button
    2012-03-25 06:31 AM
  3. laelipoo's Avatar
    Thanks, also press that button
    I'm sorry, press what button?
    2012-03-25 12:58 PM
  4. zjxpot's Avatar
    I'm sorry, press what button?
    The (thanks) button to thank you for your answer, I went to cydia to purchase this theme but I was unable to purchase as cydia says its waiting on the developer to update
    2012-03-31 01:30 PM
  5. shottz's Avatar
    can someone tell me how to fix my photos and camera icon? there BIG & DEFAULT. im a complete noob btw bur basic instructions will help!?
    2012-04-01 11:52 AM
  6. shottz's Avatar
    help? bump...
    2012-04-03 03:55 AM
  7. augustborn9909's Avatar
    credits: wonderArt

    2012-04-03 03:52 PM
  8. KaiTa's Avatar
    Hello, is there an iOS 5 Fix?

    I have bought the Theme with my 4S. I have edited the Systemversion.plist and so i could buy this Theme. But it would be nice to have an iOS 5 Fix.
    2012-04-03 08:13 PM
  9. boslli's Avatar
    credits: wonderArt

    I dig it!
    2012-04-05 07:04 PM
  10. jeffalo13's Avatar
    Anyone have a good alternative to the Messages/SMS icon? I don't really like the dark green or pink for BiteSMS. A neon one would be awesome.

    2012-04-09 03:08 AM
  11. GuitarAz123's Avatar
    Hi guys I'm having some issues with this. Its like my wallpaper is overriding the theme. Im trying to use Prestige.SB.Widget.theme and i onluy see a glimpse of the widget when i unlock. My homescreen wallpaper overrides the widget theme. How do I fix this?

    Edit: Even with the Prestige theme fully applied, my standard wallapapers override the winterboard theme. What the hell am I doing wrong? I would really appreciate anyones help. This is driving me insane! I have an iPhone 4 on ios 5.0.1
    Last edited by GuitarAz123; 2012-04-10 at 01:02 AM.
    2012-04-09 03:40 PM
  12. ssemmel's Avatar
    Is this theme 5.1 compatible? Much appreciated.
    2012-04-09 07:19 PM
  13. GuitarAz123's Avatar
    Well I figured Paralax was messing with my themes, which sucks. Now that I have the widget showing, how do I make the image into the weather symbols? Currently its just a square with the lockscreen wallpaper........

    Edit:.... Well im a ******. Should really attempt to solve stuff before asking... Anyway got it working. Great theme
    Last edited by GuitarAz123; 2012-04-10 at 05:06 AM.
    2012-04-10 04:00 AM
  14. CinnamonBabka's Avatar
    Bought this theme a couple weeks ago and love it, so I made some icons and a few alternates. Hopefully they can be of some use to somebody. Also I'm sure a few have already been done before, but I thought I'd share them anyway. They're HD only.

    Click the image to download.
    2012-04-13 05:40 PM
  15. ThatGuyChris's Avatar
    I've just bought this theme too and really enjoying it, had it before on 3GS but so much better on 4 just ashame the topic seems a little bit dead
    2012-04-14 02:12 AM
  16. numb_gb's Avatar
    I know this is dead but .....

    Anyone have some nice progress loaders? As they dont appear to work.

    And does anyone have an icon for omnifocus (which is a todo app)

    Thanks in advance love this theme .... always come back to it.
    2012-04-17 04:52 PM
  17. svidstv0's Avatar
    Hello, is there an iOS 5 Fix?

    I have bought the Theme with my 4S. I have edited the Systemversion.plist and so i could buy this Theme. But it would be nice to have an iOS 5 Fix.
    Buy the theme from themeit app it's competable with iOS 5 There.This is what i did
    2012-04-20 06:06 AM
  18. augustborn9909's Avatar
    2012-04-26 02:37 AM
  19. NuckinFutz's Avatar
    it's like he straight up disappeared!
    2012-04-26 12:41 PM
  20. gaigo57's Avatar
    credits: nishithv, dolphhigh

    download: https://rapidshare.com/files/3102475396/acrylicAB99.rar

    Nice , good job
    2012-04-26 07:03 PM
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