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    I have a jailbroken iPad running 3.2.2 but have several aps that I would like to use that require higher version. I think I follow the upgrade process to 4.2 and Greenpois1n. (fingers crossed). What I would like to know is when I upgrade will it delete all of my "jailbroken" apps, and if so is there a program or service that will at least preserve a copy of all of my installed apps. I understand that everything that I purchsed from/thru iTunes will still be available, but what about all of the jailbroken stuff?
    2011-02-08 12:46 AM
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    You can buy PkgBackup and back it up by any way. It has 2 ways to backup. One is to Dropbox account and another is to Contacts. I prefer backup to Dropbox.

    There's another way!! If the applications and tweaks from Cydia are not from cracked Repo (the paid one), you can install back from the Manage Account from the home page of Cydia.
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    2011-02-08 01:27 AM
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    You dont say, but I assume that it is a Cydia app...Thanks
    2011-02-08 04:39 AM