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    Before I complete the Greenpoison Windows 4.2.1 iOS untethered jailbreak. Do I close itunes before the ipad sync's or after, before I execute the Greenpoison application?

    Thanks in advance.
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    2011-02-09 03:41 AM
  2. guardian_10's Avatar
    As soon as you open gp, itunes closes automatically. but, I suggest you close it first.
    2011-02-09 03:14 PM
  3. glenn101's Avatar
    Alright, I'll try closing itunes before it sync's my iPad. Hopefully the JB works.

    OMG, I tried following the greenpoison tutorial, at one point I held the sleep button but released the home button instead of the sleep button. Now it asks me to power my ipad off and start again but I CAN'T DO ANYTHING!!!! I can't power it on or off everything is unresponsive!!

    What do I do!?!
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    2011-02-10 12:29 AM
  4. keenpois0n's Avatar
    hold home and power for 8-10 secs then let it go, then if it doesn't boot up hold down the power for 2 secs. should work
    2011-02-10 12:33 AM
  5. glenn101's Avatar
    Thankyou keenPoison! Phew!!! I thought it was gone!!

    Can I retry the process again now from the start?

    I just tried it again, I followed it completely and right at the end is says "jailbreak failed" and my iPad is stuck in a white screen mode. What do I do to fix this?
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  6. keenpois0n's Avatar
    please please, call me k

    can't help you with the white screen thing, never seen that before
    2011-02-11 11:51 AM