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    After waiting and saving up for what seemed like forever, I finally bought myself a brand new iPad! I have a few questions for iPad users. I'm using the same iTunes account that I use with my iPhone 3GS. Do I have to repurchase apps that I've already bought for my iPhone if I want them on my iPad? Somebody please say no. If the answer is yes, then is anyone familiar with jailbreaking a 16GB iPad on iOS 4.2.1? No 3G, only wifi. I've successfully JB and UL my iPhone, but I went to Hell and back when I initially decided to do so. I knew absolutely nothing at the time. I really, really would like to avoid messing up my iPad at all costs. I considered not jailbreaking it, but it's hard not to... If anyone knows what I need to do, please let me know! I have a Windows Vista laptop, by the way. Thank you in advance
    2011-02-11 06:15 AM
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    No you do not have to repurchase apps. Just sync them with it. As long as you use the same itunes account across your iDevices then you can sync the apps to them.

    Jailbreaking the iPad is just as simple as doing a phone. You won't mess anything up.
    2011-02-11 06:28 AM
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    yep just sync
    2011-02-11 06:29 AM
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    Do I have to sync with iTunes or can I just install them using my iPad? I expected it to say "this app is free since you previously bought it" or whatever... Just making sure Which program should I use, and is an untethered jailbreak possible? I think I'm supposed to use redsn0w 0.9something.4... I can't remember it off the top of my head.
    2011-02-11 06:39 AM
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    Yep it will say it was preivously bought and will install.

    Greenposion to jailbreak untethered.
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    2011-02-11 06:43 AM