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    i have done the normal search before post. but all the threads that i have read have not fixed my problems. i have read the "Theme changes required to bring your 4.1 theme up to 4.2.1" guide. it did help on some of my issues but it did not cover my problem.

    1. my lockbackground.png no longer works. i keep on getting the standard or set wallpaper images. i have tried to rename the file (in the root folder of the theme) with the "~iphone" added on the end but with no luck. ive even put the same file into the "UIImagesd" folder. again with no luck. i do not want to copy the image to my camera roll and set it the the wall paper. that option is out of the window from the get go.

    2. folder background...i've got the actual folder background to work the way i want it, but its the background behind the folder background that no longer works. it keeps on coming up with the stock image (water drops on grey screen). there was an issue on 4.1 when the background went dark or black. that was fixed by deleting the four files in the "cache" folder. but again it doesn't work for this issue.

    can anyone help me with these issues???
    2011-02-11 04:18 PM