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    i dont know where to start..

    please please please.. make the folder so i just bung it in winterboard and it works

    the back and the knob are both attached.. please someone make it work.. im on ios 4.0.1

    when I put the knob in the folder it makes it too small
    maybe needs enlarging
    here's the full image

    i just really want this slider, been messing around all day downloading lock screens and replacing the images, it just doesnt work.. pllllllease

    thanks in advance
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    Attached Images please help me with this slider lock. please-sliderknob.png 
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    2011-02-12 04:03 PM
  2. Re-Cre4ted's Avatar
    I will help u send me your email and I will send you the working files

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    2011-02-21 09:42 AM
  3. Farmski's Avatar
    email in your private msg.. cheers again
    2011-02-21 11:00 PM
  4. Re-Cre4ted's Avatar
    I did it here it is I hope you like if not just say it and i will re-make it... I made the sliderBG into the wallpaper because otherwise I had to made the slider very small and that didn't looked cool I also wanted to upload a screenshot but it was too big

    Hope you like it,

    thanks for the thanks
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    2011-02-22 06:38 PM
  5. Farmski's Avatar
    good idea with the use of background!! that makes sense. the slider bit is still small, and narrow. I replaced it with the one I made initially and mine was the right shape (square) but it is too small still either way.. is it something to do with writing. 2x at the end? could you try one thing with just the slider knob.. take the one I did and make it twice the size to see if that works?? look at the slider knob on the original image.. i don't understand why when naming it 2x it makes it half the size (viewed in ifile) thanks for your efforts
    2011-02-22 08:28 PM
  6. Re-Cre4ted's Avatar
    @2x is the extension that supports retina iDevices (iPhone & iPodT 4) but you can't make the slider bigger than I made it now because it uses some kind of a auto-resize so that can't be solfed sorry for that I hoped that I could help you further... I can take a further look at it tomorrow but I am going to sleep now

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    2011-02-22 10:17 PM
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    heya.. you still about??

    this is what ive done...

    could you try one thing..

    the default black bit round the slider... the bit you made disappear..

    could you copy the slider bar that i made (see attached) on to it.

    so its just the bar and the green dot on the black part of the default slider.

    what is the black bit called and where is it??

    hope that makes sense??

    Attached Thumbnails please help me with this slider lock. please-background10.png  
    2011-02-26 03:19 PM
  8. Re-Cre4ted's Avatar
    I dont understand all of it what you are saying... so you want your wallpaper with my slider and slider bg??? Or my slider bg and your slider (green dot)
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    2011-02-26 04:10 PM
  9. Farmski's Avatar
    ive botched this together...

    ignore the slider knob icon!!

    just so the white line and green light is actually on the black bit of the slider thing!..

    what is the black bit of the slider called and where do i find it??

    the reason i want this is because,, when i charge my phone, the wallpaper disappears and just the knob bit is left!

    hope that makes more sense
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    2011-02-26 04:31 PM
  10. Re-Cre4ted's Avatar
    What do you mean with the black bit I really don't understand you

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    2011-02-26 07:58 PM
  11. Farmski's Avatar
    lol... on the standard slider.. there are 2 parts..

    the White slider icon with the arrow on


    the black frame, that the slider icon slides in.

    what's the black frame bit called?? and where is it located?

    I want the black frame to have the technics slider on it.. kind of like how the picture shows

    sorry for not explaining properly
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    2011-02-26 08:28 PM
  12. Re-Cre4ted's Avatar
    The black is called "bottombarknoblock" I dont know where you can find it maybe in FrameworkUI in the Library

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    2011-02-26 09:37 PM
  13. Farmski's Avatar
    cheers dude.. il have a little go.

    thanks for your help
    2011-02-26 10:08 PM
  14. Farmski's Avatar

    Would you resize this apple icon??


    that is the correct size for iPhone 4 isn't it??

    the ones on the are either too small or too big..

    thanks in advance

    Apple Icon | Crystal BW Iconset | Pit-tux
    2011-03-02 01:29 PM
  15. Re-Cre4ted's Avatar
    Here they are :3

    i made 3 types with a White, Black and transparent BG and they are all 114x114 I hope you are happy with it if you like it give a thanks
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    2011-03-02 04:44 PM
  16. Farmski's Avatar
    cracking stuff.. thanks again
    2011-03-02 05:09 PM