1. cheggers33's Avatar
    Hi all - new to the forum!

    I have recently jailbroken my iPad (no big deal there) using Greenpoison but also bought a cheap eBay TV out cable, which I havent managed to get 100% working as yet (not the issue, is fairly simple to amend).

    However, I have come across an issue whereby I turned off the iPad with the TV out cable still plugged in and then back on again, it has completely distorted the resolution and has corrupted some of the keyboard letters (bizarrely). I am assuming that it still thinks it is mirroring the TV out settings but anyone had this issue, and therefore managed to resolve this?

    Appreciate your time in advance

    2011-02-14 03:34 PM
  2. Abcindian's Avatar
    Had the same problem. Just restored iPad.

    For me sim is locked and no unlock screen for Sim. Unlock for auto lock appeared too low and improper display. Touch screen does not respond on home screen. Icons bizarrely scattered.

    I believe the blunder is due to size settings up down left right I did on tvout settings.

    I did kept tvout cable connected while power off and power on.
    please be careful with tvout2 config. Default settings should be ok.
    2011-02-19 11:41 AM