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    I just installed MyWi on my iPad and after its reboot the slide to unlock looks like an iPhone. The bar spans the width of the screen and doesn't rotate. After I slide to unlock the Enter Passcode screen is messed up, the keypad for entering the passcode is on the lower left, while the field where the dots show for the passcode is centered. The OK button doesn't work at all.

    I can't SSH to it since it's not getting on wifi, I'm really hoping there's a way to fix this without restoring it, I've finally got all the software on it I wanted...

    Ok, I used SBSettings to respring and the regular unlock screen came back. The only odd thing is now some of my apps are out of their folders ... whatever.
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    2011-02-15 08:08 PM
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    That is safe mode on a iPad. Happens sometimes.
    2011-02-15 08:11 PM