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    **SEE EDIT** For the LIFE of me I cant remember the name of the package I installed.

    It began with an A, is a lib type tweak, and IIRC I read somewhere else version 2 is already included with greenpois0n RC6.

    I'll dig through my browsing history from the other day and find the app I was trying to install. It required 2 dependencies, ergo why I installed the package I did. Once I rebooted my ipad looked like this, and has alot of artifacting on the status bar when inside an application. The pinwheel is also totally artifact ed.

    I removed the package I had installed right after this happened, and just like I assumed it didnt revert the changes that made this happen. I JUST got this restored, jailbroke, and about to where I want it. Do I REALLY have to start all over again now to fix this issue? Please tell me there is some known trick I can do to 'boot last known good configuration' kind of style and make my iPad back to what its supposed to look like.

    Large image:

    I just remembered the package. It was afc2add; likely from podulo since I just happened to see them update this tweak.

    I still strongly suggest nobody download it.

    ***EDIT 2***Well since I still had no reply at 5pm when I got off work I decided the quickest solution would be to just restore and start all over. Well I've been doing so the past few hours. I added all the repos, installed any repo icon or other things they may need, ********** and xbmc.. Then once I went to install scrollingboard after the reboot its back to looking like the picture above.

    This doesnt make sense to me because last night when I was installing everything I already had ALL of those items, and had used them at least once, and the ipad was still fine until I manually installed the package I mentioned in my edit.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    **EDIT 3**

    looks like others had the same problem: JB/Scrollingboard makes iPad look like giant iPod. Anyone else? - Apple iPad Forum

    It still doesn't explain why it worked for a while though last night before it messed up installing the afc2add.
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    Limneos is aware of the issue, and will be issuing an update to ScrollingBoard very soon.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2011-02-21 08:53 AM