1. HamDani's Avatar
    Hi,i am looking for apps swither for my ipad and i try to install circuitous,but after installing...circuitous crash and bring my ipad to safe mode..proswithcer(cant install)not support ios 4.2.1 same problem with kirikae and multiflow ( size mismatch)...so do you guys have any other apps switcher to recommend to me..please help.
    2011-02-21 06:26 PM
  2. Jivin_hipcat's Avatar
    I like switchermod. It just gives you a few sweet options to play with.
    2011-02-23 01:16 AM
  3. TwistedPenguin's Avatar
    I'm 2 wks late here but just wanted to tell you I had all the same problems you did with switchers/launchers in 4.2.1. I ended up buying an app from Cydia called Dock and I LOVE it. That along with backgrounder and it's the best setup I've tried so far. The Dock app is $5 and I thought that was a little steep but it's worth it to me so it's money well spent.
    2011-03-06 05:58 AM
  4. HamDani's Avatar
    Thanks for replying guys....actually right now i using multiflow,after a few times try to installing and end up with failure finally i got its work...thnk god...but i would like to use proswicher because it look more cool for me...
    2011-03-06 02:51 PM