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    I now have Timeless HD running on 4.2.1. I've been using this theme for over a year when I had older an older iPhone and IOS. It's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Love that it's also customizable. BUT, now that It's running on 4.2.1, I have 3 questions related to the analog clock mod.

    1.) The default analog clock skin no longer has the black "Large Indicator" (line markers) around the face and usually I could just go into iFile ....AnalogMOD.Themes/Widgets/Clock/Themes.js under that very first group of codes labeled, "Default" and alter the clock's markers, minute hands, hour hands, line width, color, etc....But, when I try to change change any of these codes and respring....nothing changes...the analog clock stays the same. Let me know what I'm doing wrong with this or what has changed.

    2.) Also, in the same area of iFile (....AnalogMOD.Themes/Widgets/Clock/Themes.js), I cannot figure out how to use any of the other skins (a.k.a., SwissRail, ChunkySwiss, etc.) I've tried changing "Default" to the name of the new skin but, after I respring.....again, nothing changes.

    3.) Finally, is there a site somewhere that shows what each of these clock-skins look like. Like, ChunkySwiss, modern, SwissRail, fancy, etc. Or....better yet, what is this new default clock skin called? (the one with no line markers on the face) I THOUGHT it would be called "Default" in iFile but, according to those codes, the line markers should show on the clock's face.

    (guess my post has now gone full circle)....(lol)

    Thanks so so much for reading and I greatly appreciate your advice on any of this :-)
    2011-02-23 09:27 AM