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    So here's the skinny.. I've been working on a custom theme to share with the world for the last month or so.. and everything is running smoothly to the point that i was about to post in on cydia. But then on one of the final runs, my sms tones crap out.. meaning, every time i get an sms on my phone (3GS on iOS 4.2.1) that all it does is vibrate and the message pops up.. not even a week ago everything was running fine.. all the sounds picked up and everything worked properly.. all of the factory tones that comes with the phone are still on there in the system file.. and I've been scratching my head for the last few days figuring out what happened to the sms tones.. all the other tones (ringer, lock & unlock, etc.) all work perfectly fine.. i only changed 3 of the sms tones for my theme (4,5 & 6). I've removed the theme completely.. and i really don't want to brick my phone to get all the factory resets back for it cause then i'll have to start from scratch on everything i'm working.. so PLEASE PLEASE someone, anyone let me know what the heck is going on with this crazy contraption before i lose my mind and end up dissecting the whole phone!

    Thanks in advance

    -FanTasTicaL SpaZ

    UPDATE: a recent discovery shows that if i put this monster into it safe mode.. i hear the sms tone.. now i'm just baffled.
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    2011-02-25 06:40 AM
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    UPDATE: i have removed off winterboard, tonefx and all my themes to clear this problem up with no success towards fixing this problem. i really don't want my phone to have to stay in it Safe Mode .. any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    2011-02-27 03:48 AM
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    I can't help you with the details but from what I gather it's quite picky on which one you replace. About a year back I changed my sms-received6.caf and it worked fine, I tried it now (after I had to restore at one point) and it didn't work. I then tried it with sms-received2.caf and it worked. Perhaps it has to do with the file size? So try some of the other numbers as they are all different sizes.
    2011-02-28 11:36 PM
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    well the kicker i this.. i tried all of my sms tones.. even ones i haven't changed and it still doesn't work.... i'm awaiting a reply form Dr. Jailbreak from the youtube series.. but i'm still waiting for more input from those on here... thank you for the tip thought..
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    2011-03-01 08:54 AM
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    it was solved by just starting from scratch.. yeah i lost all my stuff on there like tweaks and such.. but it was just a lost easier to take that route then have to tear it apart bit by bit to just find more problems.. thanks aways folks
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    2011-04-05 11:10 AM
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    I had the same problem. Downloaded techno sound theme from cydia and installed it. Only the second sms tone worked and none of the stock tones worked anymore. After i removed techno sounds theme none of the sounds worked!! I reinstalled and eventually dug around with iFile and found that the /var/stash/Themes/Techno Sounds/UISounds/ folder only had 4 or 5 audio files and only the one sms tone file. That is why only the one worked. I copied all the audio files from the /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/ folder into the techno sounds theme folder and they all work again now.

    Clearly during the install of winterboard it changed the pointer for sms tones to the new theme folder, even after i removed the theme (in which case there were NO sounds). No matter what i do now the default tones have to reside in the new theme folder and not the default iphone folder. Here is my question, how can i disable a sound theme in winterboard so that that the phone points back to the stock sounds folder??? You would think winterboard would do this automatically but apparently not

    Any thoughts out there?
    2011-05-18 02:01 PM
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    thr may be many reason, if u not hearin ur sms ringtone. First u havr to discribe probem in detail, thr may be a ringtone off or vibration etc.
    2011-06-09 06:55 AM
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    I have a similar issue, except with the app TextNow. my music will go quiet, but the text tone will never play
    2011-06-09 05:44 PM