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  1. luii_G's Avatar
    I'm having trouble after the dTunes mp3 download. I try opening the Mobile Terminal and it crashed on me. I even tried the **mod edit: removed repo** Mobile Terminal but the problem then, is dTune wont work. I'm not even able to download the app.
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    2011-02-26 07:22 PM
  2. ukhellfire's Avatar
    you need to do a little google, if you want terminal one of the very first links will be for a new updated version of mobileterminal google: "mobileterminal for 4.2.1"
    2011-02-27 03:26 AM
  3. luii_G's Avatar
    Thanks it worked. I just have to see if I can download torrents on dTunes now.
    2011-02-27 04:58 AM
  4. ukhellfire's Avatar
    No worries always glad to help
    2011-02-27 05:41 AM