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    Dear modmyi-peoples,

    before I explain my problem, here some details:
    Machine = iPod touch 3
    Firmware(OS) = 4.2.1
    Jailbroken with greenpoisOn.

    Im passionly working on my first own theme now for while.
    I created Icons, backgrounds, slider, battery-theme and so on.

    My first problem was(!), that my LockBackground-picture wasnt visible. But when connected my Batter-Theme worked well.
    After analyzing themes from other peoples and many guides Ifound the option to "load" the Lock-Picture within a HTML called LockBackground.html. I tried this out and voil it works.

    But now my Battery-Theme (while connected) do not appear any more. Even not the Stock-Battery-Theme!

    When I delete the LockBackground.html it works again but not the Background-Pic again.

    Please help I searched a whole day and a whole night for any solution. Me seems to be the only one with this problem..

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    sorry please move it to the "winterboard"-section. ... or should I post it there to? will be double-posted - thats not good right?
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    Sounds like the two are conflicting with one another, so I don't think there's much you can do (depending on your skills)

    When you say "Me seems to be the only one with this problem" is that a guess, or do you know other people that are not having this issue?

    and since it's already posted here, leave it be.

    2011-02-27 03:59 PM
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    I didnt found an answer by searching - let me guess Im the only one with this problem.

    The simple question is:
    Why does the LockBackground only work by loading it via an html-document?
    And why the Battery-Theme not work while there is an html-document loading the LockBackground?
    2011-02-27 04:44 PM