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    hey guy I'm interested in buying the new ipad. I'm fairly new to the jailbreak community I had just bought myself the new iphone 4 no to long ago. My friend jailbroke it for me and I love the fact that you can actually customize the phone to what you want as apposed to having limited customization. So anyway back to the ipad. I am considering buying the new ipad 2 but before I do so I have a few questions to ask and my friend told me that this would be the place to get most of my questions ansered. I'm looking for experienced, real, and possibly profiesional help. So as far as my question go, if I were to jailbreak the ipad2, could I possibly get the same functionality like a laptop. for example can I somehow download movies straight to the ipad? if so can I save them directly on the ipad, as well as transfer them to an external harddrive, as well as transfering movies from the external to the ipad? This also goes for music too? If so is there a software or app like frostwire? I also heard that there was no flash player on the first ipad. Is there anyway of getting flash on it too? if so please help me out If this is possible I'm considering buying the new ipad. K thanks for all your help, tips, and knowledge.

    P.S.-I know the ipad 2 just came out but I know theres people who find these type of things out before it is even out and these are the people I need knowledge from. Thanks
    2011-03-03 05:49 AM
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    The iPad 2 will be Jailbroken, it's just a matter of time. The real question will be when will a stable jailbreak be released? It depends on how fast the amazing dev teams can find an exploit.

    You can download, save, and transfer files. Functionality will not be like a laptop. As far as ways to steal movies, music, etc. you won't get any help here.

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    2011-03-09 03:09 AM
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    Best thing for movies is Netflix for iPad.
    2011-03-09 05:10 AM