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    So I just unboxed the iPad. I am running 4.2.1 and tried to use green poison from a YouTube vid I watched. When I tried to put in DFU mode it just got to a black screen and wouldn't boot / respond to any buttons. Anyone want to tell me if there are any scares in the jail breaking of iPads? Also want to walk me through the jailbreak process. Thanks!!

    Never mind. Posting from my Jailbroken 4.2.1 iPad
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    Jailbreaking idevices using greenpoison is the most easiest way for me to jailbreak to compare with the redsnow version...i don know your prob with the black screen though,but you just buy the ipad...it should be no prob i think...try to finish it and wait.
    2011-03-07 09:47 PM
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    I agree. I've done it with both versions and never had a problems myself. Just makes sure u have it in DFU correctly. Watch the vid again u missed something.
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