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    Hi all ok i need help please with an animated weather theme called EPHD Weather widet 2 , 1st i installed E for EZRA Theme and then added EPHD Weather widget 2, ive changed all the locales to my area and also the celsius and thats ok, the problem im having is that the clouds are not moving at all and also its been showing a picture of a sunset or sunrise all morning and the weather here at the moment is clear blue skys !!!

    So am i rite in saying that this weather widget does not work with any other theme other than EPHD ? Or can i have some help fixing this please, ive looked for other weather widget themes simular to this but cant find any that are exactly the same as this as i dont want a lockscreen weather widget.

    Oh ye very importantly if it helps im running iphone 4 4.1 , also if this can be fixed so that the clouds move how do i enable to just have 8 apps on each page as the weather widget at the moment is just above the bottom of each screen, ie above the dock..

    Many thanks from brian and hope to get some help soon.

    Just to add i have posted help in the actual theme section but had no replys on this now for 24 hrs..cheers
    2011-03-07 04:17 PM