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    Axium is the pinnacle in iPhone theming by Anthony Giola, classy yet visually satisfying and perfectly updated pixel by pixel for your iPad by SchmilK.
    The idea behind the theme stemmed from the idea of having texture no matter where you go in the theme, unlike all other themes which do not utilize that simple feature,
    Axium does.
    The result? One of the most simplistic yet breathtaking UI's available for an iDevice.

    2 full icon sets are included, pixel perfect UI with gradiented 1px lines at the edge of the bars and buttons, details you have never seen put into an iPad theme before!

    I won't spoil all of the fun, get it in cydia before the weekend is over for a rediculously low introductory price of $1.99

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    2011-03-13 06:06 AM
  2. DevouredDreams's Avatar
    2011-03-13 06:06 AM
  3. Chuck1969's Avatar
    All i see is Axium for iphone?
    2011-03-13 01:36 PM
  4. SchmilK's Avatar
    It is in queue to be approved
    2011-03-14 03:16 AM
  5. guynamedlucas's Avatar
    Will the introductory price still be good for awhile since this isn't approved yet?
    2011-03-15 01:13 AM
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    Just downloaded this..I love Themes like this.
    It is Not by our Hands that things Change, BUT rather our Interventions that change ourselves.

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    2011-03-15 06:52 AM
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    Why is there only a "?" when i enable the alt lockscreen? Whats it supposed to be?

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    2011-03-16 01:00 AM
  8. guynamedlucas's Avatar
    I didn't get a wallpaper for homescreen anywhere. Link?
    2011-03-16 04:30 AM
  9. D_LA_ROC's Avatar
    I also got the question mark. Its supposed to be an animated lock screen I think.
    2011-03-23 07:25 AM
  10. Chuck1969's Avatar
    I also got the question mark. Its supposed to be an animated lock screen I think.
    This is why i dont like buying ipad themes...not much support
    2011-04-04 02:50 PM
  11. D_LA_ROC's Avatar
    I'm not buying any more iPad themes until something gives! I've bought 4 different iPad themes that promised updates. So far NOTHING! It seems like they make a theme for the iPad and then forget about it.... I wish I knew how to make them, I'd never stop.
    2011-04-04 09:10 PM
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    It's a crappy tine for iPad themes because slot of theme makers sold their ipad1 to buy an ipad2 (like myself) so that's why the updates are lacking.
    And that I am working almost 60 hours a week and have family obligations I don't frequent the forums very much any more

    Seems like the wallpaper for lockscreen wasn't included in the package for some reason. I'll see if I can find it and upload it here.

    Very very sorry about that!
    2011-04-11 01:26 PM
  13. SchmilK's Avatar
    Great news!! Everything is updated and better than ever on iPad 2 and 4.3.3!!
    Lockscreen fixed
    iPad2 Icons added for both icon sets
    4.3.3 UI image additions so every button and bar should be looking awesome
    Mute/rotation buttons in task switcher added

    Again sorry for the update delay, I had no iPad yo fix it with because I sold mine for an iPad 2.

    Hope you enjoy!!
    2011-07-08 04:22 PM
  14. jcarroll's Avatar
    Made a few mods to Info.plist to bring back day/date values and dock icon labels.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
    <plist version="1.0">
    <string>color: transparent;</string>
    <!-- <key>DockedIconLabelStyle</key>
    <string>color: transparent; text-shadow: transparent 0px 0px 0px</string> -->
    <string>opacity: 0.9; color: white;</string>
    <string>opacity: 0.8; color: white;</string>
    <string>font-size: 40px; position: absolute; top: 3px; color: black; opacity: 0.6;</string>
    <string>font-size: 9px; position: absolute; top: 10px; color: black; opacity: 0.9;</string>
    Also renamed all /Axium.theme/Bundles/com.apple.springboard/SBDock* objects with extension .bak to bring back the dock...my preference.
    [Cydia Release] Axium HD iPad-img_0083.png
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    2011-07-14 04:32 PM