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    Update 1.05 PST -- [SOLVED] See update below

    I am a noob and just want to get my iPad [completely] back to stock.

    • Got an iPad 64gb+3g off of Craigslist and was able to DFU and successfully restore to 4.2.1 after noting that it was jailbroken.
    • PROBLEM: It's working fine, but it won't allow me to restore to 4.3 or upgrade to 4.3 at this time.
    • ERROR Message: "My iPad is not eligible for the current build."

    4.3 just came out and would like to upgrade it.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Other info:
    • Have TinyUmbrella, but don't fully understand how to use it/its purpose.
    • Have downloaded 4.3


    1. Edited Host Files to remove extraneous gs.apple.com loopback
    2. Removed Tiny Umbrella using App Cleaner
    3. Repaired Permissions
    4. Reboot Mac
    5. Restore iPad to 4.3
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    It looks like you have downloaded the wrong FW.
    Why not just click update in iTunes?
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    2011-03-18 11:05 PM
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    Dfu and click restore and update on iTunes
    2011-03-18 11:07 PM
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    z3r01 -- Thanks for the reply: For clarity on this post: I did attempt that and was getting the message. I needed to adjust the host servers file on my mac, as it was querying the apple servers and not allowing me to update.

    Thanks confucious -- I was able to solve this issue by changing the hosts file on my mac which was pinging the apple servers. I am guessing from a previous jailbreak of my iPhone.
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