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    I am having some issues around getting my iPhone 4 that is jailbroken of course to look and maintain the exact functions that I want to use it for. LockInfo has been amazing at replicating what the Blackberry and Droid do very well -- give you a bit of information in the style of a widget or lock or home screen that can be accessed very easily.

    I have attached a picture of the "235" LockInfo screen that I have installed, changed the weather location in the Config file within iFile already - but it is missing certain plug-ins such as 1) Things 2) RSS Feeds 3) Clock/Calendar and when I set the plug-ins to stay collapsed for example this does not work on the 235 theme.

    I already have SBSettings installed and I am really just looking to get LockInfo the LOOK that I want in combination with the INFO that I want - as silly as this may sound.

    Thank you!
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    2011-03-16 03:53 PM
  2. jasvncnt10's Avatar
    Just out of curiosity, does it work with no theme running?
    2011-03-17 01:16 PM