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  1. jaykain's Avatar
    I need this with a white back ground in the fram thanks if any one can do it for me
    Can any one give an idea for diff images for the weather the ones in the ls does not go with darkstar for me
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    2011-10-09 06:52 PM
  2. eddietah's Avatar
    I would appreciate if some kind hearted soul can make some in call button for this awesome theme
    2011-10-10 03:11 PM
  3. FrightDealer's Avatar
    I would appreciate if some kind hearted soul can make some in call button for this awesome theme
    Sorry to fail ya there man. I suck at PS so this is above my limits. Lol
    2011-10-10 04:11 PM
  4. eddietah's Avatar
    Me too lol
    2011-10-11 01:47 AM
  5. faisalz's Avatar
    new mix

    Uploaded with
    2011-10-14 03:51 AM
  6. DarkXShadowX21's Avatar
    new mix

    uploaded with
    share!!!!! looks sick!
    2011-10-14 06:04 AM
  7. faisalz's Avatar

    Uploaded with
    2011-10-16 05:17 AM
  8. elitejelly's Avatar
    has anyone tested this on ios5?
    2011-10-16 07:19 PM
  9. FrightDealer's Avatar
    has anyone tested this on ios5?
    ALIEN1974 hasnt updated this theme to iOS 5.
    2011-10-16 09:40 PM
  10. glacius7's Avatar

    Uploaded with
    this is awesome dude!!! it looks fantastic..

    I'm thinking about making some new icons but I do not know which of the three colors look better, so I want to ask their opinion of you

    Which of the three colors is better?

    These icons I made a similar inspiration from the great master has "ALIEN1974"


    First icon is better
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    2011-10-16 10:56 PM
  11. elitejelly's Avatar
    ALIEN1974 hasnt updated this theme to iOS 5.
    Hopefully he will before untethered ios5. Loven the notification center on here.
    2011-10-17 01:45 AM
  12. eddietah's Avatar
    All the work is driving me crazy
    2011-10-17 01:51 AM
  13. Jaybell4444's Avatar
    Not sure if anyone mentioned it but I'll ask anyway. I'm on ios5 and waiting for that untehered jailbreak! But when it does come out,... Please tell me that Alien's DARSTAR and DUSK themes will be made compatible?!!! I love both themes and change alot between the two of them. Hope you ALIEN modifiers are working on it!
    2011-10-19 12:26 AM
  14. Yugo's Avatar
    Super sweet man !
    2011-10-19 12:46 AM
  15. angeldiaz1983's Avatar


    First icon is better
    Ok then do it in black and the other in cyan, as they are the ones I have recommended it ...... Expect it very soon and will be for the IOS 5
    2011-10-20 06:56 AM
  16. DarkXShadowX21's Avatar
    Here is a post I found for anyone interested about Siri from iPhone 4s to iPhone4. Enjoi!

    Siri Port FAQ© Joshua Tucker and Jack (@Jackoplane) Follow @[email protected] on Twitter for updates:

    1. Who is currently working on this port?

    At this current time, the people that are working on this particular port of Siri are Jack (@Jackoplane) and iH8sn0w. Joshua Tucker of ModMyi is the outside beta tester for this particular version.

    2. What devices will be supported?

    Currently, the port is being tested on an iPhone 4. However, the end goal is to port on all devices. At this time, we can not make any promises to when those will be, however the iPhone 3GS is looking promising outside of just the iPhone 4 at the moment.

    3. Are we in need of any beta testers?

    At this time, Jack and the team working on the port (including myself - beta testing wise) are not in need of any testers at this time. Asking if that is possible is not the best idea - if we do need more people, we will extent that opportunity out when the time comes.

    4. When will this port be released?

    We are not specifying an ETA at this time. The reason being is because we do not want to miss our expectation if we were to same something. Note that as soon as possible, we will release that information. For the time being however, there’s no decided or even thought up date for releasing this to the public.

    5. How will this port be distributed?

    There are numerous ways of distributing this particular port, however it’s a matter of how the files end up being compiled as well as cost. Cydia has been suggested many times and that is a viable option. However, we’re not limiting ourselves to just that venue as the tables may turn. At this particular moment in time, where this port will be distributed is currently undecided. Those of us that are hands-on with the work are always entertaining new ideas and will decide the venue when the time is right.

    6. Will it be free or paid?

    This is still undecided. This particular component is highly reliant on how we distribute this piece of software. Again, as the above, we’re thinking through it thoroughly to ensure the best for all. The reason why it may be required to pay (if not donate) is because there are hosting related costs that will need to be taken care of when the time comes.

    7. When you say that there are “legal issues” to be deal with, what do you mean?

    Because Siri is Apple’s product as well as copyrighted, one can’t just release these files and not get away with violating the law. When the news of Jack’s work as well as my involvement began, the files I had were strictly Apple’s. Thus, if we had given those files out then we could possibly be viable for copyright infringement and as many of you know from people like geohot, that’s no good in the hood.

    8. What’s the current status of the port?

    Because when we were first testing it and the legality of the whole ordeal, we’re are starting from the ground up. Re-writing code and that sort of thing to avoid copyright infringement. At this current stage, performance of Siri is just as good as on the iPhone 4S.

    9. When will a video be released?

    A performance video will be released tonight to show that the speed of Siri has been greatly improved. As for a full fledged video, that will be here in the next few days.

    10. Is a jailbreak required to install Siri on a non-iPhone 4S device

    Absolutely; no question.

    11. Any update on the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5/iPhone 4S

    We know nothing more than the public does. It’s not worth asking because we have absolutely not idea.

    12. How does the Siri port connect to Apple’s servers?

    When you first activate an iPhone 4S, when you enable Siri, Apple’s servers basically says “Oh, you’re an iPhone 4S. You’re clear.” Since we don’t have that luxury, we have to intercept the data that is being exchanged between devices to initially “trick” Apple’s servers into thinking that the device is authorized. So, imagine that what we have setup is a middle man.

    iPhone 4 (in this case) sends out commands to Apple’s servers, we intercept and change the data, send to Apple’s servers, and Apple’s servers goes “Cool beans.”

    13. What is required to host this type of capability?

    We won’t really go into this because the process is not something that you can easily explain. However, as you guys have mentioned in chat, hosting this particular server to intercept data will cost money and will be the venue for all users to use Siri without an iPhone 4S.

    14. Even though you can’t give an ETA, is it days, months, years, lifetimes, millenniums, never?


    15. Is the authentication process made just one or every time?

    Anytime you request from Apple’s servers, it performs a method of authentication.

    16. What’s so special about the iPhone 4S and its connection with Siri?

    There is nothing special about the 4S that makes it so that Siri can only work on that chip. Nothing is hardware accelerated in regards to Siri.

    17. When you say that authentication is required, what does it take?

    Not releasing this information at this time.

    Stay tuned.
    2011-10-21 07:42 PM
  17. DarkXShadowX21's Avatar
    This is what I have been busy with lately! A lot of work and time for my festival activities!!
    2011-10-23 09:15 AM
  18. FrightDealer's Avatar
    This is what I have been busy with lately! A lot of work and time for my festival activities!!
    That be looking boss man.
    2011-10-23 02:48 PM
  19. eddietah's Avatar
    I would sincerely appreciated if some kind hearted soul can help me make this icon. God bless you and thank you very much

    Attached Thumbnails DARKSTAR [Cydia Release]-icon-2x.png  
    2011-11-01 02:09 AM
  20. spanishcop's Avatar
    IOS 5 support coming anytime soon for this theme ???
    2011-11-01 09:22 PM
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