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    Hey guys, I didn't know where else to post this and I can't seem to find anything on google, so I decided to create an account here and hopefully one of you could help me with my problem.

    So I saw Dreamboard on youtube video, installed it and it worked great! Then after a couple of hours, it told me to update it, so I did, and then the Android theme wouldn't come up. Today my friend installed it and the Android theme is on his. I reinstalled it, restarted my springboard, uninstalled then reinstalled, but none of it worked, the android theme would just not appear on my computer!

    I searched on cydia, I searched on google, but I can't seem to find the theme again. If anybody could please help me that would be great, also please don't link me to the dreamboard tutorial because I only see code so I'm assuming that it is just showing people how to create themes for this.


    (Also sorry if this is in the wrong section, I couldn't find anywhere else to post this...)

    Nevermind I got it to work.
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    2011-03-22 04:22 AM
  2. melog69's Avatar
    How do you fix this?
    2011-03-22 05:50 AM
  3. CCoops11's Avatar
    Copy your "Dreamboard" folder, using iFile, from user/var/library, or something around that, to just the '/' directory.
    2011-03-24 08:47 PM