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    Hi Forum helpers,

    My son successfully JB'd and installed WyFi yesterday, however, the newer HP Pavillion entertainment laptop running 64 bit Win 7 won't link up with my 3G IPhone. The WyFi on the phone says it is installed fine, but the "down" and "up" bites are 0, and the laptop never gets the WiFi. It shows that the hotspot is "connected", but no internet access.

    I don't have any security enabled on the hotspot, and the HP diagnostic program doesn't repair/fix the issue. Help please!

    2011-03-22 03:26 PM
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    Think you have to run in xp mode
    2011-03-22 04:23 PM
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    But it's a Win 7 system only - I never saw anything about WyFi not working on Win 7... maybe I am misunderstanding something...

    (Sorry, noticed that this is under the Verizon IPhone posts, mines AT&T...)
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    2011-03-22 04:59 PM
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    Thanks RZ. I don't know what version of MyWi my son installed, how do I tell that? Also, on 3G the Cydia app on the phone is taking several minutes, and giving me an error message "unable to load, request timed out". Don't know the problem. Does it only work if I am connected to wifi already?

    So what I should do is connect tether the phone to the laptop, try loading WyFi again, get into the settings and check USB (since it is tethered) and then what? If it won't even load on 3G now, why would it load on 3G later? I also get a "cached failure" error message.

    If I sound like a neophyte on all of this it's because I am.
    2011-03-23 03:52 PM
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    There are many version of MyWi mines i used cydia creak MyWi 4.0 Try Checking When u install MyWi in cydia Go to the page Were ur son install it and Check is there Any version to it in info bar.For mi, mines is working perfactly With 4.0. Last Tyme on my iphone i use to have this cydia errors on downloading package,It will be still the same when ur device is connected to 3G or Wifi.Because this 3G and Wifi Controls internet Speed And All goes to Same network. I got no idea on Wat to do with this cydia Errors all i do is jaz Cancelled and Update When cydia as any update,I add Sorce When i need themes,Apps and then i have it and install with no problems.Try installing MyWi 4.0 Creak From Sinfulrepo if u dont have Sinfulrepo add the sorce to it..and try it connecting to your laptop..
    2011-03-24 07:35 PM