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    First let me say iSwerve is an amazing theme!

    I'm definitely more of a user and not a dev guy...I'm hoping someone can help me understand the following as a user:

    1. Can i manage sounds for iSwerve (i.e., change, select, etc sounds for incoming SMS, outbound msgs, etc)?
    A. If yes, how? (i've seen posts about UIsounds file and deleting, but I'd need help with that - found the folder but not sure if these are iswerve sounds or general

    2. Where is theme's folder? (i know, newbie question, but hey - we're people too!)

    3. Can I change the 5 dock labels? (i.e., Tools, Media, Home, Games, Cydia)
    A. If so, how?

    If anyone can help I'd appreciate it...thank you in advance!
    2011-03-23 07:06 PM