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  1. karan1981's Avatar
    I jailbreaked my ipad(4.2.1) using greenpoison but whenever i download some app from the internet and try to sync it doesnt download says there is some error.

    I tried restoring it using custom ipsw that i downloaded.
    It says error, ipad cannot be restored.

    How can i restore back to 4.2.1 and then again jailbreak
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    2011-03-26 11:00 AM
  2. thecrunked's Avatar
    Did you ever save your shsh files for 4.2.1?
    2011-03-26 06:30 PM
  3. karan1981's Avatar
    no sorry
    is there any option left or i have to update it to 4.3.1
    2011-03-26 07:16 PM
  4. thecrunked's Avatar
    you are stuck with ios 4.3.1 now, this is why everybody always says SAVE YOUR SHSH FILES

    fortunately, you can still jailbreak ios 4.3.1 using pwngetool but its only for mac for the time being, i am sure redsn0w or greenpois0n will come out for pc soon, but for now, only a mac can JB your ipad.

    also it is tethered only, bet you wish you saved your shsh files while you had the chance.

    do yourself a favor, go to this site: The Firmware Umbrella - TinyUmbrella and save your shsh files so this wont happen to you in the future
    2011-03-26 07:31 PM