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    Can someone please recommend me some decent music player themes? I would navigate the several themes sections within cydia for one, but its like a dark abyss out there now, and the one or two I did find weren't all that special.

    Secondly, to what extent can things be skinned now? When cydia was, I guess you could say a baby, I could skin the keyboard and now I am reading that the idea has been obsolete since 3.x. So what can be skinned and what cannot?

    tl;dr: Can I get some recs on some good skins for the music player, and what should I not waste my time trying to modify through what is offered on cydia? Plus any other “necessities” would be nice. 2 years ago I knew what I was doing and now I am in need of a catchup.
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    2011-03-26 09:41 PM
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