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    First post from a brand spanking new member and I'd like to thank everybody for all the help that these forums have been. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but after downloading a zip with all the stock images on the iPhone, I noticed it was from an earlier firmware. Has anyone done this great deed for 4.2.1 yet? (if you want to really go nuts, you can also add which of the theme folders it should go in)

    A thousand apologies if I'm in the wrong section or just overlooked where to download this zip.

    Much obliged!
    2011-03-30 06:49 AM
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    One more thing!
    Unfortunately, it won't help at all if they are all in Apple's retarded unviewable png format because i'm mainly on win XP.
    Thanks again!
    2011-03-30 06:54 AM