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    so i have just recently started putting together my own theme. there are plenty of great themes out there... just none that look exactly how i want. the one major issue i have come across is making an icon to replace a single folder. after reading through many other posts i understand that people can use tools to make the contents of folders invisible, which makes it very difficult to navigate when u have several folders setup.. and i know there are tools to change the background of the folders, which i already have setup... but what i am trying to so it just change the icon of one specific folder. i have attached an image of my current home screen with default icons (minus "shrink" which is not avaliable for the new build... sigh) to better explain what i am trying to achieve. basically i have setup a few basic icons that i use regularly, then have a "master applications" folder. inside that folder i have more folders breaking down groups of applications. i just want to change the icon for the "master applications" folder. i have very little knowledge of coding, but do know it is possible to write an exception somewhere to achieve this.... but am definitely looking for a much easier solution. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!
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    2011-04-06 12:28 AM