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    Ok, I changed the title of this thread to more acurately describe what is happening, and I'm bumping it with this post. I really want to figure this out.

    For some reason weather widgets and WeatherIcon aren't displaying the actual icons, only the temperature. It is happening with lockscreen widgets, springboard widgets, DreaBoard theme widgets, and the WeatherIcon app. I've included some screenshots to show you what I'm talking about. This was happening last night, also. I thought that maybe I had removed a package that is required for weather apps and themes to work, but today I upgraded to 4.3.1, from 4.2.1, using the custom fw that Sull put together, and the result is the same. I did not restore my phone from a backup, I set it up as a new phone and started again from scratch. In one screenshot you can see the placeholder for the missing icon, as well as the WeatherIcon temp in the status bar, sans the accompanying icon. The other screenshot shows the WeatherIcon settings from preferences.app, and will prove that I have that particular app setup to display temp and icon in the status bar. I did not do anything to the code in the weather widgets except for change the text to my Yahoo location code, and change the temp from C to F. I did not edit the user option js via iFile, however. I right clicked on the js files and opened them with BBEdit, saved the files, and then quit BBEdit.

    i have no idea why this would be happening, but it is driving me crazy! It's not just that fact that it is not working--it's not like I NEED to display the weather--it simply bugs me that something isn't working right that should be. I really like the weather widgets, though.

    One last note before I forget. The time and date features of the weather widgets both work properly, also.

    No icons displayed in weather widgets and WeatherIcon.app-screenshot1.png

    No icons displayed in weather widgets and WeatherIcon.app-screenshot2.png
    2011-04-06 08:02 AM