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    ChronicTV is a iOS based webapp allowing it's users to stream full length episodes of their favorite TV series!

    Shows offered as of this post are:
    1. South Park
    2. Family Guy
    3. The Simpsons
    4. American Dad
    5. Robot Chicken
    6. The Big Bang Theory
    7. No Ordinary Family
    8. The Venture Brothers
    9. The Cleveland Show
    10. Futurama
    11. Bob's Burgers
    12. Superjail!

    More and more shows are being added as they are conceived!

    Just recently posted was a bigU Movies hack! This hack exploited a vulnerability in bigU's system in which accounts can be injected
    into bigU's database without paying their bogus and fraudulent $19.99 fee. This hack can be found on ChronicTV!

    This is definitely a great site to check out! Thousands of users browse the site each day.
    2011-04-06 11:15 PM
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    I will be back soon
    No sig spam
    2011-05-31 07:04 AM