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    iFlat /// Evo for iOS6

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    iFlat is now back and better than ever! Fully updated for iOS6 and iPhone 5. Lots of new images, fixes and more!

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    2011-04-07 05:25 AM
  2. Itsmerobertg's Avatar
    2011-04-07 05:31 AM
  3. lonerzboy's Avatar
    Wow looks more colorful then ever!
    2011-04-07 05:40 AM
  4. robx93's Avatar
    will this be for dreamboard?
    2011-04-07 05:42 AM
  5. KRegstrong's Avatar
    Why final?????
    2011-04-07 05:53 AM
  6. burning09's Avatar
    That's my boy! always having Class A material!
    2011-04-07 05:55 AM
  7. chrisangel13's Avatar
    i'm loving the glow, it reminds me of an SD theme called Dulce hope to see more!
    2011-04-07 07:27 AM
  8. Zooropalg's Avatar
    Can't wait to see it!
    2011-04-07 07:30 AM
  9. Li-ion's Avatar
    Oohhh pretty outer glow!
    2011-04-07 07:54 AM
  10. Dark_Ninja's Avatar
    Looks great decke. Cant wait to see more.
    2011-04-07 11:46 AM
  11. .:JimmyL:.'s Avatar
    2011-04-07 12:23 PM
  12. Sanady361's Avatar
    Good deal.
    My latest theme - -
    2011-04-07 02:55 PM
  13. TRUCKINLOW's Avatar
    im liking the look of this!
    2011-04-07 03:09 PM
  14. Frostbite's Avatar
    will this be for dreamboard?
    +1, I dont think it should be dreamboard only but it would be a major step if big themers started to support Dreamboard. Thoughts decke?
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    2011-04-07 03:37 PM
  15. x4nd3r05's Avatar
    Yea don't make it the final one. IFlat is such a great series. Been using it since iflat 1, now using 2 which is awesome. Can't wait for 3.
    2011-04-07 04:35 PM
  16. decke's Avatar
    Thanks for positive feedback guys!

    I havent even tried dreamboard yet but apparently it's quite popular. I'll make sure to include a version for it. But first things first
    2011-04-07 04:51 PM
  17. trdspectacoma's Avatar
    can't wait for this one love the colors and the shading
    2011-04-08 12:17 AM
  18. bigE's Avatar
    what tease!
    2011-04-08 12:24 AM
  19. darkshingo's Avatar
    Would you add support for SD devices? Got 2 iPod Touch 3G and I love iFlat2. Hopefully I'll be in line to buy and support iFlat3.

    Oh, and icons, man. Lots of icons. Thanks!

    Life, the ultimate adventure!
    2011-04-08 08:02 AM
  20. decke's Avatar
    SD version for sure!

    There will be lots of icons
    2011-04-09 04:28 PM
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