1. cooma7's Avatar
    hey guys, i have a iphone 4 ios 4.3.1 + lockinfo and winterboard (both current versions from cydia)

    my problem is, when using just lockinfo for my lockscreen everything works fine, everything expands and contracts with no problems when i touch the screen.

    but when i use a winterboard theme... i have tried about 6 of them for lockinfo, nothing seems to work.. everything comes up on the screen as it should but nothing responds to my touch...
    say if i click the weather icon on a theme, the weather doesnt drop down, or if i touch the time, the calendar doesnt drop down.

    the only thing that works on all themes is the "load more" text on the mail part of the lockscreen... but I also can not contract it either.

    I have been looking around the net for days and have not been able to find this problem anywhere.. its driving me crazy... I really want some nice themes for my lockscreen!

    could anyone give me a hand with this please?


    2011-04-14 04:26 AM