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    Hey guys,
    I'm looking for a graphics person who can provide original graphics for an iPhone MIDI app that I'm working on. The app will have the ability to record MIDI through a keyboard (and perhaps drum kit) interface, and play it back, recording multiple tracks. Currently, the piano part as well as the loading of MIDI is functional, and I hope to release an early version of the app within a week. The jailbroken releases will obviously be free, so I can't pay you for artwork, but I would give you full credit. Should the graphics be used in an SDK app, you would get a share of the profit.

    Anyway, if you are interested, please send a sample in an email to me (to JLA at MauvilaSoftware.com). Or PM me...

    The type of piano graphics would be two images for each white key note: one for the note up, and one for the note down. There would only need to be one black key note. Obviously you would need to possess the full rights for the use of the graphics, and that they shouldn't noticeably be taken from a webpage.

    And if you're a sound sample person, let me know also. I've already got a set of public domain piano sounds, but I'm looking for some with a bit longer sustain. Plus all the other sounds (like bass guitar) that would be needed in a multi-track app.

    2008-03-19 11:09 PM