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    He All,

    I have been going round and round in circles with this for about 3 hours now and i am pretty sure it's posible as i've done it before. I have customized the auto skinning icon for a theme and it looks good but the shadow stops one line of pixels short from the top of the icon. So when ever i select an icon i get a nice shadow across the icon then a bright line of colour at the top. Is there anyway to fix this without having to cut all the icons down by one line of pixels at the top?

    Video Example - (Right click> Save Target As)

    Icon Example -

    Shadow File -

    I am sure there is a post somewhere that tells me what to do, dam it might even be one of mine but i'll be damnd if i can find it.

    Thanks in advance
    2011-04-15 11:53 PM
  2. VampireV's Avatar
    Look like the issue is an easy..well long but easy fix.

    To confirm the issue exists with icons like dropbox etc. I would suggest it it is because the icons themselves are created as rounded, your theme is actually masking over a section where those icons aren't filled in...(if that makes sense). Should be able to solve it easily enough by either...

    The long way - creating single icons for each it effects

    The short way - change the overlay to a border that will address the make an overlay that has a solid set of pixels where the default icons don' borders.

    hope that helps... or I've just missed the idea entirely
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    2011-04-16 12:50 AM
  3. Yourmum90's Avatar
    Ahh, the stock icons that are re skinning from the app store are ok, it's on the icons i have created my self that have the issue, on the video you can see the photo's icon has a small light green part at the top when i hold my finger on the icon.

    2011-04-16 12:59 AM